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Maradans are a generous bunch! The rich and famous of Marada like to share their wealth and give to those who are in need. This Giveaway feature is the only way to give your MP away. There is no limit to how much MP you can give - Lowlyhood even gives those players who donate the most MP their own star on the Walk of Fame. All MP players donate here is added to the prize pot for other players to win.

You can empty any Piggy Bank for FREE to win a random amount of MP from the prize pool. If the prize pool is empty, a fundraising event will begin to raise MP.

Players with fewer than 1,000,000MP can visit for FREE once every hour otherwise it's every 2 hours.

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A total of 1,812,970,326MP has been donated here - 0MP was from you!

How much MP would you like to donate?

There is currently 87,350,967MP in the prize pot

Username Total
1 ShiraL 458,000,000MP
2 Ray 175,000,000MP
3 Josh 100,000,300MP
4 La 80,000,004MP
5 Aimee 50,001,000MP
6 thEHAPPYCAt 35,000,000MP
7 Joanna 33,000,000MP
8 ladybug7363 30,000,000MP
9 Q_Q 26,004,703MP
10 nude 25,250,000MP
11 smartiesandcheese 25,000,000MP
12 Vengeance 21,138,103MP
13 ellen44dugas 19,004,000MP
14 Jamie_c55 16,250,000MP
15 Kam 16,000,004MP
16 Underaged 15,000,035MP
17 Merchant 15,000,000MP
18 Eira 13,250,151MP
19 Nitewalker 12,600,000MP
20 Purrrr 12,010,000MP
21 Fumble 12,000,000MP
22 Lapis 11,200,000MP
23 tmac444 11,101,111MP
24 Troubadour 11,000,000MP
25 gh145 10,213,344MP
26 Mahjonggmom 10,073,639MP
27 cleffa 10,036,096MP
28 mamakrystia 10,001,000MP
29 victorianartist 8,371,018MP
30 Catherine 8,000,200MP
31 Superchick226 8,000,000MP
32 Human 7,000,000MP
33 Debra 7,000,000MP
34 coke 6,566,006MP
35 MzMarAuctionaire 6,014,954MP
36 RC 6,001,000MP
37 Mr 6,000,500MP
38 Agis 5,983,049MP
39 MoneyForLiam 5,800,000MP
40 Sharon 5,792,798MP
41 Fasoroest 5,600,000MP
42 Jordan 5,600,000MP
43 Jzbelle 5,510,005MP
44 BlueRain 5,510,000MP
45 Ghibli 5,500,001MP
46 Romance 5,500,000MP
47 Caveira 5,300,000MP
48 expensive 5,132,345MP
49 Romantically 5,050,000MP
50 totom 5,010,100MP
51 Draco 5,000,520MP
52 bakerli 5,000,154MP
53 Kayo52 5,000,000MP
54 Skyane 5,000,000MP
55 reesesking 5,000,000MP
56 Saxophone 4,847,796MP
57 Mandyg48 4,511,706MP
58 mymysweetiepie 4,352,075MP
59 manachan 4,085,000MP
60 ElisaIsNub 4,000,002MP
61 peregrine 3,750,253MP
62 NativeNancy 3,702,525MP
63 Anjie 3,660,000MP
64 squigglyfoot101 3,622,139MP
65 Haydus 3,550,000MP
66 Walee 3,351,200MP
67 Feyre 3,133,700MP
68 Valiar 3,067,902MP
69 16and 3,008,000MP
70 Horus 3,006,335MP
71 Poppi 3,000,500MP
72 buck2772 3,000,200MP
73 Giraffes 3,000,000MP
74 Alcyone 3,000,000MP
75 Samakal 3,000,000MP
76 Anthy 3,000,000MP
77 Stephan 2,900,000MP
78 Jokar 2,861,500MP
79 Sizzle 2,616,750MP
80 wittelsbach 2,616,433MP
81 Sonya 2,600,000MP
82 LauluLintu 2,527,591MP
83 Belaview 2,500,001MP
84 poland0202 2,500,000MP
85 soccer4cmp 2,430,000MP
86 xxsamxx6 2,305,000MP
87 Queen 2,300,001MP
88 HerseysKisses 2,210,007MP
89 Nanny_of_16 2,202,500MP
90 x_snowfall_x 2,202,000MP
91 Night 2,200,000MP
92 nayru10135 2,200,000MP
93 Dreamdol 2,200,000MP
94 crfg1 2,184,931MP
95 Umbreon 2,150,000MP
96 Twistie 2,144,877MP
97 alphaxidelta 2,115,000MP
98 RileTheFox 2,101,000MP
99 stickittoome 2,059,055MP
100 LoveBish 2,050,060MP

997 = 15002

Big Money Bingo
in 3 minutes
2,124,788MP Prize

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