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HEY!!! Mail me if you want to photo swap/ ask for vote/ ask a question/ borrow my pet/ chat...
TO STAFF: My boyfriend is also active maraplayer and we send each other stuff.
- You joined Marapets on July 24, 2008, 5:24 pm -
awww...seems so long ago... XD


My name is Martina. I am from Croatia and I am 26 years old. Im usually on marapets every day. My boyfriend plays marapets too. I love Vocaloid music, especially by Hatsune Miku. I also like Linkin Park, Hoobastank, The Veronicas etc. My favourite animals are hedgehogs, koalas and, of course, CATS! I have one pretty black kitty. And few other things that I love are: cartoons, chocolate, maths and GARFIELD.

MY PETS: I am very attached to my pets and I think they are amazing. Im working on writing stories for all of them. They are not for trade. I can lend a pet if you need it for goals. More info in "About my marapets" blog

SHOP: Go there and buy something. I like surprises in my shoptill. Hehe

GALLERY: Have a look, but Im not selling. I collect all kinds of interesting junk there, mostly plushies, though my plushie collection isnt much. Im also proud of my collection of all fairy dolls and pumpkins.

CLUBS: I am in a great club - Addicted to Mara. So no thanks to club invites.

MARAMAIL/MARATALK: Sure, but I prefer maramail.

MARASITE: Check it out! There is a page with restock times, a mision guide and Ive dedicated one page to famous japanese virtual singer- Hatsune Miku.

Player for 11 years & 7 monthsJoined 24th Jul 2008 10:24
Player for 11 years & 7 months Joined 24th Jul 2008 10:24
~also KittyM15,

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