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In the hot and dry heat of Kamilah Desert, these Hump pets have just finished a race. They are too thirsty to race again and need your help! Each Hump below wants you to bring them a different drink before they will race again. If you are the first to quench their thirst, they will race for you. Every Hump has different odds of winning the race. If your Hump wins the race, you will win MP. If a Hump wins at 30 to 1, you will win 15,000MP. If your Hump loses the race, you will win a consolation prize of 250MP and a Yuni Brows Coupon.

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Hump Racing

You have completed 0 Hump Racing Quests

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You can only race one Hump per session. The next race begins in 3 minutes

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Raced by glitzystarz

Raced by MissyAnne

Raced by SunPam

Raced by dryless

Raced by PoisonIvySaur

Raced by mcguire2006

Raced by Rozs

Raced by AcquaDrizzle

Raced by monkey2u

Raced by mackep

Raced by ladylexushighmark

Raced by MissFudge

Odds 28 to 1

Small Apple Ice Tea
Check Price

Raced by greenmonkey14

Raced by Fax

Odds 29 to 1

Bottled Tar
Check Price

Odds 28 to 1

Blood Milkshake
Check Price

Raced by Tasque

Raced by Wrestlinggirlzel

Raced by sexyhuntress

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