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Eleka's Castle
The Eleka Prison was built just after Queen Eleka took back control of her castle. Since life returned to normal at her castle, more and more minipets were being found here when they should be on Minipet Island. Being evil, Queen Eleka banned all minipets without owners from entering her castle and any caught are trapped in this castle, where they are not fed, hoping they will starve to death. If you see a minipet that is hungry, please feed it with some Minipet Food that you can buy at Minipet Island. Most of these minipets used to have jobs at the Circus in Slater Park, so they will reward you with any RP and a Circus Ticket that they had with them before they were captured.
Eleka Prison

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The next feeding session is in 15 minutes
Jar of Bricks
Jar of Lorius Scales
Jar of Magic Dust
Jar of Carrot
Jar of Mermaid Tail
Jar of Magic Dust
Jar of Grapes
Jar of Watermelon
Jar of Apple Jam
Jar of Lava
Jar of Scarabs
Jar of Magic Dust
Jar of Scarabs
Jar of Banana
Jar of Scarabs
Jar of Lorius Scales
Jar of Palm Tree
Jar of Pear
Jar of Sparkly Slime
Jar of Bokeh
Jar of Hearts
Jar of Gumdrops
Jar of Bricks
Jar of Polygons

If you add the Attic Giftbox to your collection, you will be able to pay for quests, missions and pet training with items directly from your attic. The faster, easier way to pay - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect