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The Aquarium was built to bring tourists to Jenoa to look at exotic fish minipets that are rarely found. The University also uses the Aquarium regularly for marine research and in return, free scholarships are being offered to every visitor that manages to feed a fish. The fish minipets below can only eat worms. These worms can only come from the fertile soils of Gigantic Paradise. Whenever these fish are hungry, it will say underneath the fish what worm they would like to eat. If you are quick enough to feed the fish, you will be rewarded. You can find worms at the Worm Digging in Gigantic Paradise.

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The next feeding session is in 21 minutes
Blue Long Glow Worm
White Short Glow Worm
Beige Short Glow Worm
White Striped Worm
Red Long Glow Worm
Striped Glow Worm
Black Striped Glow Worm
Green Short Glow Worm
Black Striped Worm
White Tiny Worm
Brown Giant Worm
Blue Long Worm
Blue Tiny Worm
Black Tiny Worm
Red Short Worm
Green Long Glow Worm
Black Short Glow Worm
White Meal Glow Worm
Blue Earth Worm
Red Earth Worm
Black Earth Worm
Black Meal Glow Worm
Yellow Short Glow Worm
White Meal Glow Worm
Earth Glow Worm
Yellow Long Glow Worm
Red Short Glow Worm
Green Earth Worm
White Meal Glow Worm
Yellow Long Worm
Short Worm
Brown Short Worm

If you add the Double Worms Giftbox to your collection, you will receive two worms instead of one every time you dig up a worm from Worm Digging - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect