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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
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Area 51 Club Member

I play on mobile and my laptop

GOALS - Get Tyro to 2500 gourmets [X]
get Tyro to 3000 gourmets []
Get Tyro to 600 instruments []
Get Tyro to 2000 toys [X]
Get Tyro to 2500 toys []
Get Tyro to 200 health []
Player for 6 months, 11 days & 22 hrsJoined 23rd Sep 2019 14:17
Always buying photos and plates! Mini pets are on Tyro9 and mandrill for swaps :)
Player for 6 months, 11 days & 22 hrs Joined 23rd Sep 2019 14:17

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