Cas (or Kale) // 20 // read my info page // ask me for a Fleek invite!

Hey I'm Cas, you can call me Kale
My pronouns are she/her and I'm from Canada. I'm bi, currently in a relationship, and love dogs, i have a miniature schnauzer named Sasha! my favourite colours are blue and black and I’m currently in my third year of uni majoring in communications and double minoring in writing and visual culture. i love writing stories/poetry, and love anything horror related! my ultimate dream is to be a criminal lawyer.
my chat/friend requests are always open! i love making new friends

I've been playing marapets on and off since 2010, with hugeee breaks, sometimes lasting years! recently I have gotten back into it, finally getting an adult account so I could access all the sites features, and trying to get into the swing of things! so with that being said, my account isn't that big and I'm kinda new, well not really, but you get the idea

NOTE TO STAFF: this is my only account, sometimes i log in on my phone. kellin and i are close friends and they are often at my house. we send each other things sometimes and share devices. do not ban us

I always accept friend requests! but I don't talk too much. also I usually don't log out, so if perchance you need me, send me a mm, as a chat would most likely go unnoticed.

I'm always looking for
- items for my gallery
- plates/photos (I'm more than happy swapping)
- boosters!

My Pets

- currently none are for trade unless in trades

- _alviss is my battle pet

- runner is my gourmets/collections pet

My pets are up for lending for missions/quests! photo/plate tips appreciated!
I'm always happy to help out

Player for 9 years, 5 months & 15 daysJoined 25th Jun 2010 13:06
Player for 9 years, 5 months & 15 daysJoined 25th Jun 2010 13:06
~also Caspar, Conjuring, Gatsby, Kale, Psychological, REDRUM, Thriller, aces, kairos, lielbardis
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