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BASPINAR SUCK Eyo, I'm Em. I'm 24. Any pronouns are fine.

I like anime/cartoons, video games, and cosplaying.

I played this website back in like 2007 or so and as of 2019 I'm back because I saw an ad for it on facebook.

You can also find me on pokefarm as Deku, or on tumblr as bicth69.
Player for 10 months, 29 days & 7 hrsJoined 12th Aug 2019 17:41
Shapeshifting is my transformations pet so she changes frequently. If, when you see her, she happens to be something that you don't have a photo of and you would like one, get your request in asap before she changes again.
Player for 10 months, 29 days & 7 hrs Joined 12th Aug 2019 17:41
~also Dragem,

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