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Hi there! I'm Sierra, glad to see you've stumbled through cyberspace and landed upon my profile!
Staff: I log in on both my computer and phone, please don't ban me!!
~Self proclaimed Troit Queen~
My troits are never for trade please don't ask!
74/94 Troits
~~Sierra~~ So if you landed here you must wanna know a bit more about me, right?
Name: Sierra
Age: 21
Playing Status: Back and becoming better then ever <3
Friends: Open!
Club: No invites please! I am a member of an awesome club!
MM/MT: Open!

~R.I.P. Cameron Kyle~
December 24th, 2015 I lost my big brother.
Stay safe Cam, I love and miss you.

I'm just a lost soul wondering through cyberspace

Player for 4 years, 3 months & 8 daysJoined 14th Feb 2016 16:54
74/94 Troits <3
~Princessa Sea~
Player for 4 years, 3 months & 8 days Joined 14th Feb 2016 16:54
~also MrsRobeson, Sea_Air_Uh, lincon2410

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