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Hi! I'm Ashley | adult player in my late 20's

✉️ I am an extremely busy individual and online status may not be accurate, however I usually reply within 3 working days.

😊 Friend requests are welcome if we've chatted before!

Staff: I switch between my phone and desktop frequently. This is my only account.


Trades/Pet Trades:

📷 Always exchanging photos/plates, I have tons in trades! (Have photo/plate blog)

💱 I do not leave trade offers hanging and will send you a MM to withdraw your offer if it's not what I'm looking for.
I will only reject offers without notice if they are unreasonably unfair or disrespectful to the value of the item/pet being put up for trade.


More about me~

I lead a very minimalist lifestyle
I like giving my pets personality poems like TY beanie babies :) check out their fun profile headers!
I enjoy bodybuilding and great music
Huge movie and anime junkie
I am afraid of heights, lol
I've travelled to most Asian countries, and hope to visit the US and EU someday

My life's motto: "Don't downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny"

Amazing doll art by speedy351/Binary♥♥
Player for 15 years, 11 months & 11 daysJoined 27th Dec 2006 01:05
✨ Working on my dream pets (35/50) ✨

Pets not in trades are NFT. Each of my pixel babies are special to me💖

Stats focus (300/200): Chayce, Jeryl
Temple: Miyase
Player for 15 years, 11 months & 11 days Joined 27th Dec 2006 01:05

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