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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
*Accepting friend requests.*I do prefer MM to chat.*
*JadeDream is my "everything" pet & is not for trade or sale.*I am willing to lend other pets for goal purposes.*
*I am always looking to swap photos/plates as I am currently playing catch up on so much here. Feel free to send me a MM if there are any of my pets/minis you need photos/plates of or need to borrow and we can work something out.*

I'm an adult player. Staff: I use my laptop and cell to play.
Player for 6 months, 9 days & 8 hrsJoined 16th Apr 2020 20:32
Currently collecting for the Extreme Hoarder avatar.

130/200 pages and counting 10.24.20

Player for 6 months, 9 days & 8 hrs Joined 16th Apr 2020 20:32

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