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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
**I prefer MM to MT, but both are OK**

*JadeDream is my "everything" pet and is not for sale/trade.*

I do currently lend my pets/minis. Please see my blogs/lending topic:

**I am always looking to swap photos/plates. I will also swap items in my shop and trades.**

I'm an adult player. Staff: I use my laptop and cell to play.

**Goals as of 04/16/21**

**Gourmets: 4975/7000**

**Wardrobe: 2555/5791**

**Toys: 5550/9057**

**Going Bananas 200/501**
Macch the Digital Bolimo
1 year, 1 month & 21 days OldBorn 22nd Apr 2020 21:49

Aging 666 Days
1 Year 1 Month Old
Level 5 Hacker earning MP450MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP525MP a day
Level 8  Speed 30  Charisma 1  Language 30  Maths 10  Science 30  CDs 15  DVDs 30  Books 30  Stamina 10  Computer Science 2  Politics 1  Business Studies 1