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Hi there! My name is Lounah. You can call me Stephy. At the time of writing this Info, I am currently 25 years old. My birthday is July 31st. I'm a Leo. My favorite colors are Pink, Black, and Grey. Foxes and wolves are my favorite animals. Dragons are my favorite mythical creatures. I'm an avid video gamer. I love to play Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and many different Mario games. I'm also on other websites, though I'm not sure that I can name them. You can message me to find out what other websites I play. I love to read manga and watch anime. My top favorites are Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Uta no Prince Sama, Yona of the Dawn, and so much more. My favorite Disney movies are 101 Dalmatians and the Lion King. I'm a full time Administrative Assistant working from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. So if I dont' get back with you, it's because I'm a busy person. I have an adorable furbaby named Penny. She is a brown and white parti miniature schnauzer. She is my whole world. I love to listen to music. My favorite music genera/era is the 80s. My favorite season is Summer, and my least favorite season is a tie between Winter and Spring. I do have a mental illness. I suffer from social anxiety and depression. My depression is onset from my social anxiety. I am being medicated for it. Online, it's not a big deal, but in the real world, I normally am a quiet person. I tend to not talk much and keep to myself. However, every single day I work at it. Pushing myself just one step at a time to overcome my anxiety and depression. To end this introduction off, on Marapets, I collect Fasoro and Fox related items. I also used to play the Flute so I have a small collection of Marching Band items from the recent summer event. I hope you have a fantastic day!
Player for 4 years, 6 months & 29 daysJoined 27th Jul 2015 07:27
I collect Fasoro items!
Player for 4 years, 6 months & 29 days Joined 27th Jul 2015 07:27
~also PinkLuna77, Rockruff, Suicune, Raikou, Rapidash, Delphox, Primarina

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