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Marapets is mobile friendly

Don't trust my online status. I check in for a few minutes every couple hours.

If I don't reply to your MM, then I may have forgotten to reply. Feel free to MM me again if things don't get sorted out.

Staff: I use different devices to play and often don't log out. Usually on laptop, phone, and tablet with multiple tabs open. Also excuse me if I spam click stuff on Mara, my computer is slow sometimes and I get frustrated. Thank you!

Hello! I'm Vamp and I've been on Mara since 2010 (on my old account). I'm technically an adult player, but tbh I still feel like a kid. I'm currently in university and I'm hoping to graduate in 2021. I also belong in the LGBT+ community, but don't have many friends who are LGBT+, so say hi if you're comfortable. I am in many fandoms (SPN, Arrow, TMI, Phandom, Lucifer, etc), more than I can count! You can MM me if you need help/are new to Mara and I'll try my best to help. Explore my profile/blog and have fun!

I am currently not looking for a club, b/c I love coffee and Espresso is an awesome club and it's like another fam.

MM me if you need any photos of my pets. I sell them according to the prices on my blog or we can swap!

I do resell certain items, but wearable, minis, and plates/photos will not be part of it. I avoid inflating random items when possible, so if you need a mission item that is too expensive, feel free to MM about item lending.

Player for 8 years, 2 months & 11 daysJoined 16th Jan 2012 19:09
Can someone buy me food? Like real food.
Player for 8 years, 2 months & 11 days Joined 16th Jan 2012 19:09

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