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Marapets is mobile friendly
8fD5tmG.gif Hello! I go by Vamp and I've been on Mara since 2010 on an old account. My MM/MT is always open. If I don't reply in 24 hours, I probably forgot to reply, and in that case, message me again! I am not currently looking for a club and Espresso has been my home since I came back from hiatus in 2018.

If you would like to purchase any photos/plates, please MM me a list, as sometimes MTs can disappear into the void.

I do resell certain items, but wearables, minis, and plates/photos are not to be resold, as I personally collect them in my gallery. I also do lend items for missions, but please MM me first.

MM: ✔️
MT: ✔️
FRIEND: ❌ (not unless we've talked before)
Sizzy the Enpiah Renat
2 years, 1 month & 3 days OldBorn 1st Jul 2018 02:29

Level 2 Veterinarian earning MP135MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP185MP a day
Strength 7  Defence 3  Speed 3  Charisma 3  Language 3  Geography 3  Maths 5  Science 10  Sports 2  Books 6