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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Please use MT (no MM)
If I friend request you, you likely have MT set to friends-only and offered on a trade of mine

For those times when doll is not appearing - YES IT'S BROKEN AGAIN but this time the fix doesn't work :(
Make all changes even if cant see them, do lush fountain, save - put studs in all empty jewelry slots - until doll appears AFTER updated, try with diff earring / diff slot

Lush Fountain - To change default bkg color, must also change color of something else
Player for 17 years, 2 months & 12 daysJoined 9th Feb 2007 05:43
Player for 17 years, 2 months & 12 days Joined 9th Feb 2007 05:43

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