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  • Current Month Missing News/Mags

    Posted on : 11th Feb 2019 07:17   Posted by : wintergreen555
    Feb 2019 Missing

    - none missing -

    --------------------------------------- complete list, for copying ---------------------------------------
    Addow . Arinya . Astro. Azul . Basil . Baspinar Castle . Biala . Bolimo . Candyland . Chibs . City Sewers . Crikey . Crindol
    Daisy . Dakota . Decadal . Doyle . Dukka Caves . Dukka Town . Echlin . Eleka Castle . Enpiah . Equilor . Ercuw . Eyru
    Fasoro . Feliz . Figaro . Flab . Foxfire Forest . Gigantic Paradise . Gizmo . Gobble . Gonk . Grint . Hump . Huthiq . Ideus . Ike
    Jenoa . Jessup . Justin . Kaala . Kamilah Desert . Kidlet . Knutt . Kronk . Kujo . Lati . Leido . Limax . Lorius . Lowlyhood . Lush Lake
    Marada . Minipet Island . Mordo . Murfin . Newth . Nimbus . Nino . Oglue . Osafo . Paffuto . Phanty . Poera . Puchalla Village . Pucu . Quell
    Raulf . Reese . Renat . Rofling . Rusty . Simeria . Sindi . Slater Park . Snookle . Speiro . Straya . Sybri . Tantua . Tasi . Troit
    Undying Woods . Ushunda . Viotto . Vixen . Vlad . Vortex Park . Walee . Willa . Xoi . Yakubi . Yuni . Zetlian . Ziranek . Zoink . Zola . Zoosh

    Retired Missing News/Mags

    Posted on : 11th Feb 2019 06:48   Posted by : wintergreen555
    -------------- Jan 2019 Missing --------------

    Azul . Chibs . Crikey
    Grint . Hump
    Renat . Straya
    Yakubi . Yuni

    -------------- Dec 2018 Missing --------------


    -------------- Nov 2018 Missing --------------

    Speiro . Sybri . Tantua . Troit

    -------------- Oct 2018 Missing --------------

    - none missing -

    -------------- Sep 2018 Missing --------------

    Addow . Arinya . Azul
    Figaro . Gizmo
    Jenoa . Limax . Pucu . Quell
    Rusty . Sindi
    Willa . Zetlian . Zola

    -------------- Aug 2018 Missing --------------

    - all missing but Ike, Lowlyhood -

    -------------- before Aug 2018 Missing --------------

    - all missing -

    --------------------------------------- complete list, for copying ---------------------------------------
    Addow . Arinya . Astro. Azul . Basil . Baspinar Castle . Biala . Bolimo . Candyland . Chibs . City Sewers . Crikey . Crindol
    Daisy . Dakota . Decadal . Doyle . Dukka Caves . Dukka Town . Echlin . Eleka Castle . Enpiah . Equilor . Ercuw . Eyru
    Fasoro . Feliz . Figaro . Flab . Foxfire Forest . Gigantic Paradise . Gizmo . Gobble . Gonk . Grint . Hump . Huthiq . Ideus . Ike
    Jenoa . Jessup . Justin . Kaala . Kamilah Desert . Kidlet . Knutt . Kronk . Kujo . Lati . Leido . Limax . Lorius . Lowlyhood . Lush Lake
    Marada . Minipet Island . Mordo . Murfin . Newth . Nimbus . Nino . Oglue . Osafo . Paffuto . Phanty . Poera . Puchalla Village . Pucu . Quell
    Raulf . Reese . Renat . Rofling . Rusty . Simeria . Sindi . Slater Park . Snookle . Speiro . Straya . Sybri . Tantua . Tasi . Troit
    Undying Woods . Ushunda . Viotto . Vixen . Vlad . Vortex Park . Walee . Willa . Xoi . Yakubi . Yuni . Zetlian . Ziranek . Zoink . Zola . Zoosh

    On returning after a long absence

    Posted on : 6th Nov 2018 10:39   Posted by : wintergreen555
    Been back a few months now, was gone for about 8-9 years. I don't remember why I left, must have had to do with work. My fault, big mistake, you never catch up here. So I have one foot in each camp - I am an old player, that started back in 2007, and have some older rares I can sell - and I am a new player, deluged by a huge amount of new items and seeing loads of retired items I will likely never get.

    In some ways a lot has changed, in other ways, nothing has. There are more shops, like Face Dye, Perfumes and Potato Chips - and many shops have a lot more items, such as all the new colors in hair dye and contacts, and a whole slew of eyebrow tints. Some are already retired.

    But the structure is the same, there are quests, missions, goals, and Marada goals. There are no new flash games, and I just read something indicating they will be eliminated at some point. This is sad, not only because I enjoy them, but because they primarily help the destitute newbies that join this game. The max score from games used to be 1500, it is now 750 - again, mostly hurting new people - 1500 at each of 30 games is 45k, which is not very meaningful to established players. (I really doubt that anyone plays all 40 every day)

    I'm not sure I will ever be able to do all missions. I tried doing level 1 of 5 different missions so far, and they asked for expensive retired items. I figured if they wanted something that cost that much at level 1, later levels would be worse. Don't have a bank account to support that yet.

    Troll at level 5 (where I'm at) seems doable, idk about later levels, so many retired instruments I won't be able to get many of - hurdy gurdy, festive tuba violin cymbals and bells, christmas drums, spooky drum set, faun flute, electric violin, snow guitar, kazoo, snare drum, holy harp, holiday horn and jingle bells.

    People have to be able to do missions to do goals and marada goals. It is 29 steps from level 1 to level 30. If you have a 90% / 95% chance of passing a given level, you have a 4.7% / 22.5% chance of finishing the mission. With the amount of retired items, even 95% will be very lucky. If you have to spend 10-100 mil MP on each failure, it gets cost prohibitive.

    I hope the people just starting here do ok. They have to get so much inventory just to be able to do simple quests without buying everything from player shops. How are they going to get all the needed retired stuff, particularly when there isn't any more because it's all been used up.

    Nonetheless, it\'s good to be back. I see a lot of familiar names, and there are also a lot that I don't see, I guess life happens.

    I finally did a Drew quest, it was needed for some goal. Very frustrating - once I had the clothes but don't have the right color - I might have been able to do it if I could have found out which egg I needed.

    It's fun doing the trick-or-treating, so many new clothes to see, and so many very creative people ^_^
    Microwave is fun too!

    Games, Newbie Help, Intro to Battling

    Posted on : 10th Feb 2008 19:20   Posted by : wintergreen555
    Games easy to get mp - no need for begging!
    In order of ease: (score for 1500 mp)
    Rofling Stamper...........(300)
    Protect the Egg............(300)
    Newth Snowb...(300 meters)
    Marapet Keeper.........(3000)
    Fruit Harvest.................(60)
    Leido Bounce.............(3000)
    Plasma Wars..............(1500)
    Oglue Lunch...............(1500)
    Simon...............(do 8 levels)
    Muffins Bricks....(do 6 levels)
    Candy Cannon...........(1500)
    For Sale.................(2yr 6mo)
    Dukka Trove........(300) long
    Spider Solitaire..........(1500)
    Free Cell....................(1500)
    Battle of Baspinar..........(40)
    Mah Jongg...................(300)

    Usually never get 1500mp but they're soooo fast, play and take what you get:
    Gumball Machine
    Murfin Chase
    Dagger Throw
    Moon Raccoons
    Rofling Gold

    Newbie Help
    - Play lots of games, it's free mp. Especially the games of the day and week.

    - Learn how shop search works.

    - Sell stuff in your shop. Don't sell for less than you paid, that's called losing mp. Wait until the price goes up. At first, stay away from Potions and Illegal Concoctions, unless you buy them at the Charity Shop.

    - do Elger Quests to get mp and a crystal each time. Crystals are how you pay for training your pet at the gym. If Elger asks for expensive items, skip the quest - there's no penalty, you just have to wait the timer out.

    - Santa Claws, Snowman, Farm and Candy Tree Quests : do the cheap quests. (all quests listed in Games)

    - do the freebies/cheapies when you can, bookmark the Ziranek Countdown Clock., multiple/day : Snap card game (look in Games), Tombola (Baspinar's Castle), Eleka Tombola (Eleka Castle), Undying Tombola (Undying Woods), Worm Farming (Gigantic Paradise), Grave Digging (Undying Woods), once/day : Fruit Machine (Biala), Clocktower (Undying Woods), Open Graves game (Undying Woods), Portal (Enpiah), Christmas Tree (Biala), Celebrity Clothing Rack (Lowlywood), Guess the Weight (Gigantic Paradise), multiple/day : Plushie Machine (Slater Park), Gumball Machine (Candyland), Sword in the Stone (Baspinar's Castle), Eleka Fountain (Eleka Castle) stuff : Pot of Gold (Gigantic Paradise)

    ......half price stuff : Charity Shop (Puchala Village)

    - nearly naked? Do shop search on 'celebrity' - lots of celeb. clothes are under 100mp.

    Intro to Battling

    Train at Minipet Island Gym every time you can. If something that shows up in countdown takes the same time as training, use it as a timer. Health keeps you alive. Strength and speed make you hit harder. As far as I know, defense is currently useless, but train it anyway. It would be bad if later on it does matter, and you have to spend 6 crystals to train defense all the way up.

    ------- Just starting, and willing to change your battle pet's species

    Healing Wands : If you're starting, create a doyle pet. If you have a partially trained unfancy pet, buy the cheapest color of enchanted doyle plushie and have the pet play with it, to make it become a doyle. Once your pet is a doyle, you will be able to equip 2 doyle wands - do so. They are the best species healers, and will continue to work even if your pet changes species. I used doyle wands for a long time. When you can, upgrade (see next section).

    Weapons : Turn your doyle into an addow (get the cheapest color of enchanted addow plushie). Then you'll be able to equip 2 addow staffs. They are the best cheap weapons. Upgrade when you can (see next section).

    ------- Otherwise ... (equip comparisons in blog #2)

    Healing Wands : OK, get either 2 wands for your pet's species (not available for all species) or 2 Eleka Wands and equip them. Eleka Wands are almost the best healers, and are not species specific. Sun and moon wands are best, but not by much.

    Weapons : More choices than for healers. Get either 2 weapons for your pet's species (not available for all species) or 2 good weapons. Golden axes are OK. Rotten swords and funky knives are very good and not too pricey - they are totally equivalent in hitting strength, get the cheaper of the two. I used funky knives for a long time. King Baspinar Axe is the best easily obtainable weapon.

    Armor: Ignore it. I have 2 Eleka Shields in my attic in case they become useful in the future.

    Magic: Magic is the strongest healer. You get magic stats from computer quests, Ice Caves (need to complete the map), and Eleka Fountain (in Eleka's Castle). The fountain usually makes your pet sick. My battle pet's magic stat is about twice her health stat.

    Battle Strategy: Get full health in Jenoa Bubbling Pit before starting a battle. Hit. If your health drops so far you can't survive another hit, heal before hitting again. If you have low magic stats, you may have to wands-heal several times before every hit. If you lose the battle but not by a lot, try again, especially for Knutt Knight quests. Some hits (yours ant opponent's) are strong, some are weak - so if you redo the battle, you may get a higher number of strong hits and win.

    Battle Healing: For healing, you can use wands only, magic only, or wands & magic. Don't use all your magic in one turn unless you need to, you may need some later in the battle. You cannot heal to more than your health stat. If your magic is gone, try repeated wands-only healing. Sometimes it's enough to get you back to full health - particularly if you have Eleka wands.

    Battle Misc: Ignore attack type (fierce, etc.) - it has no effect. Spells are very expensive and don't do enough damage to justify spending a turn. Ignore potions. War equipment isn't coded for battle arena yet.

    Opponents: When starting, pick weak opponents. There's a lot of good lists, one's at Uayl is weak and cheap (outside of user shops). Every time you beat an opponent, its hp goes up by one and every so many battles, its max hit will go up by one


    Posted on : 2nd Jan 2008 15:17   Posted by : wintergreen555
    ----- Contents -----
    Useful Websites Etc.
    Mission Prizes
    DNA Minipets
    Equipment Comparison / Test Results

    Useful Websites Etc.
    General / Goals :,,,
    New Items :

    Mission Prizes
    -. blitzen ...... clam...... fates..... tarquin...... troll.......... trotter.... trunx....... ublish ...... rubbish
    1 frozen ....... wet ...... poison .. wormy ..... rotten...... sleleton ... royal ..... dehydra ..... country
    .. potato ..... potato .... potato .. apple ....... potato .... potato .... potato ...... water ...... potato
    2 100.......... 250 ........ 100 ....... 100 ......... 100 ....... 100 ........ 100 ........ 100 ....... 100
    3 tshirt ....... tshirt ...... tshirt ...... tshirt ...... tshirt ...... tshirt ...... tshirt ...... tshirt ...... tshirt
    4 250.......... 500......... 250........ 250.......... 250........ 250......... 250......... 250......... 200
    5 ice .......... 750......... 300......... tarquin .... rotten .... trotters ... trunx .... random .... 250
    .. potion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . shield . . . shield . . . shield . . . shield. . . potion
    6 500......... 1000....... 500........... 500......... 500........ 500.......... 500......... 500........ 500
    7 600......... 1250....... 600........... 600......... 600........ 600.......... 600......... 600......... 600
    8 blitzen .. underwtr . atropos..... tarquin .... rotten ... bone ....... trunx ...... huthiq...... glass
    .. book ...... sword .... plushie .... book....... book ........ book ..... book ...... sword
    9 750.......... 1500....... 750........ 750.......... 750......... 750......... 750......... 750
    10 850......... 1750....... 850........ 850......... 850......... 850.......... 850........ 850
    11 1000....... 2000....... 1000....... 1000....... 1000....... 1000....... 1000....... 1000
    12 blitzen ... undrwtr.. poisonous. tarquin ... rotting .. undying .... musical .. ublish
    .. (dvd) ...... treasure .. tunes .... (dvd) ..... (dvd) ... graveyard . phanty ... (dvd)
    13 1100....... 2500....... 1100....... 1100....... 1100....... 1100....... 1100....... 1100
    14 1200....... 3000....... 1200....... 1200....... 1200....... 1200....... 1200....... 1200
    15 1300....... 4000....... 1300....... 1300....... 1300....... 1300....... 1300....... 1300
    16 1500....... 5000....... 1500....... 1500....... 1500....... 1500....... 1500....... 1500
    17 ic shld..... undrwtr... clothos... tarquin...... rotten..... trotters... trunx ...... dna
    .. shield....... shield ..... plushie ...stamp ..... stamp ..... stamp .... stamp .... sheild
    18 2500....... 7500....... 2500....... 2500....... 2500....... 2500....... 2500....... 2500
    19 5000....... 10000..... 5000....... 5000....... 5000......... 5000...... 5000..... 5000
    20 10000..... 15000..... 10000...... 10000..... 10000...... 10000..... 10000..... 10000
    21 bl plsh..... clam........ laches..... tarquin... troll ....... trotter....... trunx...... ublish
    .. plushie .... plushie .... plushie ... plushie ... plushie ... plushie ... plushie ... plushie
    22 25000..... 25000..... 25000..... 25000..... 25000..... 25000..... 25000..... 25000
    23 30000..... 50000..... 30000..... 30000..... 30000..... 30000..... 30000..... 30000
    24 blitzen ... sponge..... voodoo... tarquin.... rotten....... trotters.. trunx ..... furry
    .. daggers .. costume .. costume .. sword .... sword .... sword .... knife ...... costume
    25 40000..... 75000..... 40000..... 40000..... 40000..... 40000..... 40000..... 40000
    26 50000..... 100000... 50000..... 50000..... 50000..... 50000..... 50000..... 50000
    27 ice ......... pearls...... fates ..... shaved..... rotten..... skelton.. princess.. spear of
    .. costume .. stamp ..... stamp.....costume .. costume .. costume.. costume.. ublish
    28 75000..... 150000..... 75000..... 75000..... 75000..... 75000..... 75000..... 75000
    29 blitzen ... travelling.. book of.... neek....... mommi... 85000..... musical..... xor
    .. stamp .....pearl book... fates .......................t card ....................pearl ....... t card
    30 viotto..... kronk....... yuni....... poera....... oglue....... zoink....... phanty.... huthiq
    30 100000... 250000... 100000.... 100000... 100000.... 100000.... 100000.... 100000

    -Abolous Avatar - Beat the Abolous 75 times in the Battle Arena.
    Acne Avatar - Attack the Acne with Egg Grenades in the Battle Arena.
    -Active Avatar - View the online list when 1000+ users are logged on.
    Addow Ride Avatar - Play Addow Ride and score 1000+ points.
    Advent Avatar - Random from the Advent Calendar in 2004.
    Alen Avatar - Random when attaching a Alen to a pet.
    -Angel Avatar - View a Angels DVD on a Angel pet.
    Anuriah Avatar - Put regular Anuriah in your attic, browse for minipets.
    Apartment Avatar - Create a Apartment.
    -Aquarium Avatar - Feed a fish at the aquarium in Jenoa
    -Arcade Avatar - Score 1000 points on any Arcade game.
    -Arrr... Avatar - Use the wrong tool to fix your Marahome.
    -Art Avatar - Start an Art lesson in Maraschool.
    Astronaut Avatar - Have space pet collect income of astronaut job.
    -Attic Avatar - Random when viewing your Attic.
    -Avatar Collector Avatar - View avatars when you have 100+.
    Avatar Freak Avatar - View your avatars when you have 300+.
    Award Winner Avatar - Win an award and view your profile.

    Baby Avatar - Win a Baby Costume in auctions.
    -Balloon Avatar - Have your pet play with any balloon
    Bank Robber Avatar - Resign a Dishwasher Job.
    -Battle of Baspinar Avatar - Send a nonzero score.
    -Batz Avatar - Unattach a Batz after 11+ days
    -Bed Time Avatar - Put a Yellow Wooden Bed in your Marahome.
    -Biala Tetris Avatar - Send your score on Biala Tetris.
    -Bidder Avatar - Bid 12,345mp on any item in Auctions.
    -Bigne Avatar - Beat the Bigne 50 times in the Battle Arena.
    Black Avatar - Donate item with word Black in it to Pot Of Gold.
    -Bling Avatar - Buy something from the Jewelery shop.
    Blitzen Avatar - Complete mission 30 of Blitzen
    Blogger Avatar - Have MaraJournals Stamp in Stamp Album, view it.
    -Blue Avatar - Use a Blue Costume on a Marapet.
    -Bounchy Avatar - Score over 75 and send the score on Bounchy.
    Bride Avatar - View your wardrobe with the Bride outfit in.
    -Bronze Avatar - Random when your pet turns Bronze in the Portal.
    -Brown Avatar - Buy any Balloon from the Balloon shop in Slater Park.
    -Burnt Avatar - Complete the Volcano Treasure Map.

    Camouflage Avatar - Use a Camouflage Costume on a pet with over 30hp.
    -Can Avatar - Win over 60 battles against Can
    -Candy Avatar - Visit Candyland with 10 chocolates in your Inventory.
    -Candy Cannon Avatar - Score 1000+ in Candy Cannon.
    -Candy Tree Robber Avatar - Complete 75 Candy Tree quests.
    -Cat Burglar Avatar - Battle the Cat Burglar.
    -Caveman Avatar - Beat the Caveman 11+ times in the Battle Arena.
    Celebrate Avatar - Feed a One Hundred Cake to any of your pets.
    -Challenger Avatar - Place any Trading Card in your Deck.
    -Charity Shop Avatar - Buy something from the Charity Shop in Puchala
    -Chat Avatar - Random when chatting on Club Chat.
    Checkered Avatar - Use a Checkered Costume on a pet with 30 level.
    -Cheddar Avatar - Beat the Cheddar Opponent 125 times.
    Cheese Avatar - Feed a Cheese Marapop to a Cheese Pet.
    Chibi Avatar - Attach Chibi to a pet while you wear Female Chibs Costume
    Chibs Warrior Avatar - Own a level 51+ chibs, and then view its profile.
    Chocolate Avatar - Feed a Chocolate to a Chocolate Pet.
    Christmas Avatar - Collect the Advent Prize on Christmas day in 2004.
    Christmas Eve Avatar - Collect the Advent Prize on Christmas Eve 2005.
    -Christmas Tree Avatar - Random when visiting the Christmas Tree.
    -Chubley Avatar - View a Minipet attached to your pet for 10+ days.
    -Circus Avatar - Collect the income of a Carnie Job.
    -Clam Avatar - Complete mission 30 of Clam.
    -Closed Avatar - View the Bank when its closed.
    -Clown Avatar - Let a Clown Pet play with a Balloon.
    -Club Member Avatar - Click on Club Links.
    Clumsy Avatar - Random when losing any item in a Random Event.
    -Collector Avatar - Have 50+ Stamps in your Stamp Album.
    -Colourful Avatar - Have a Paint Pot in your Inventory.
    -Concoctions Avatar - Restock a Concoction.
    -Created Avatar - Create a Marapet.

    Dark Avatar - Use a Dark Costume on a pet with 30+ Strength Stats.
    -Dark Chocolate Avatar - Have over 40 Dark Chocolates in your Inventory.
    Dark Side Avatar - Complete a quest for Queen Eleka.
    Dash Avatar - Battle the Dash 150 times.
    -Dasher Avatar - Attach a Dasher to a Snowy Pet.
    -Day Avatar - View the online list when the Day layout is on.
    -Deadly Avatar - Random when finding the Bolimo at Open Graves.
    -Defend Avatar - Train a Pet to over 26 in defence.
    Demi Avatar - Win a Demi from a Club Quiz.
    -Deposit Avatar - Deposit over 100,000mp in your bank account.
    -Devil Avatar - Attach a staff of the devil to a devil pet
    -Digital Avatar - Random when a pet becomes Digital Equilor by Portal.
    -Don Pefuto Avatar - Battle the Don Pefuto 125 times
    -Donator Avatar - Donate something to the Pot Of Gold.
    -Doogle Avatar - Buy a Doogle from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island.
    -Dr Yekyll Avatar - Create any DNA Minipet
    -Dracone Avatar - View a Pink Dracone's profile, 29+ days old.
    -Dukka Trove Avatar - Send a score of over 300 on Dukka Trove.

    -Easter 07 - Easter egg hunt - easter 2007
    Easter Avatar - Complete the Easter egg hunt - easter 2005
    -Easter Bunny Avatar - Do a search for easter bunny trading card, view it.
    Easy Money Avatar - Vote for the Easy Money party, then view your profile.
    Editorial Avatar - Refresh at the editorial.
    Efall Avatar - Have only an efall in your gallery and view it.
    Egg Hunt Avatar - Complete the Easter egg hunt - easter 2006.
    Eleka Avatar - Put an Eleka Costume in auctions at 1MP with 1 MP increments.
    -Eleka Fountain Avatar - Any pet gains a Magic Stat at Eleka Fountain.
    -Eleka Prison Avatar - Feed a minipet at Eleka Prison
    -Eleka Tombola Avatar - Win the stamp at the Eleka Tombola
    Elf Avatar - Own Elf Pet, Get Elf Costume in inventory & click USE once.
    Email Avatar - Watch "You have maramail" DVD, view your pet's DVD list.
    -Emo Avatar - Restock an Emo Costume from the costume shop in Biala.
    -Enchanted Avatar - Random from winning a enchanted plushie.
    Error Avatar - Given by finding an error page on the site.
    Erto Avatar - View an 366+ days erto profile
    -Exchange Avatar - Randomly awarded when creating a trade.
    -Explore Avatar - Awarded from using the search bar.

    Fairy Avatar - Use a fairy gonk potion on any pet you own.
    Fasoro Falls Avatar - Random if mini pet changes colour at fasoro falls
    Fat Avatar - Feed a fat pet fries.
    Fates Avatar - Complete all 30 levels of the Fates Mission
    -Fatty Avatar - Have 5 different coloured fattys on a pet, view pet.
    Fawlt Avatar - Open Promote Marapets mail with a winning Fawlt as prize
    -Festival Avatar - Click on the Festival minipet in your inventory
    -Fidge Avatar - Attach a pink fidge then view its detail's.
    Fild Avatar - Attach a Fild to a Limited Edition pet.
    -Filondor Avatar - Buy a Filondor from the War Redemtion Shop
    Fire Avatar - Equip fire set to a fire pet. (flaming shield, hammer, axe, fan)
    Fishing Avatar - Win any fish minipet and 10k while fishing.
    -Fizzy Avatar - Have 10 cola marapops in your attic.
    Flamed Avatar - Beat flamed over 275 times.
    Flayee Avatar - Collect a Flayee from the pot of gold.
    Fool Avatar - Given on april fools day 2006.
    -Found Avatar - Random when finding an item.
    -Frozen Avatar - Buy a frozen item then view your inventory.
    -Fruit Harvest Avatar - Send a score of over 75 on the game Fruit Harvest.
    Fruit Machine Avatar - Win 50k on the fruit machine
    -Full Up Avatar - Feed all your pets until they reach 0% hunger.
    Funky Avatar - View Funky clothes in your wardrobe.
    -Furry Avatar - Complete mission 24 on Ublish and obtain a furry costume.
    -Fynx Avatar - Look up "FYNX" in the search bar.

    -Gallery Avatar - Put 33 Newth items in gallery (nothing else), view gallery
    Gamble Avatar - Win with four red eggs from the slot machine.
    -Garage Avatar - Do 150 garage quests.
    -Gavula Avatar - Beat gavula over 25 times.
    -Geography Avatar - Teach a pet 7 levels of geography.
    Ghost Avatar - Put any costume on a Ghost pet.
    -Giant Avatar - View a giant turnip auction.
    -Glowing Avatar - View the glowing egg shop.
    Glowing Egg Enthusiast Avatar - Hatch all 70 eggs in your nest, view nest.
    -Going Banana's Avatar - Have any 500 banana items in your gallery..
    -Gold Avatar - View your profile with a Gold Trophy on it.
    Gothic Avatar - Use a enchanted gothic plushie on a pet.
    -Grave Robbing Avatar - Dig up bones at the Grave Robbing in Undying Woods
    -Green Avatar - Add a glowing green egg to your nest.
    -Grey Avatar - View Grey Costume at Pet Colors, gigantic paradise.
    Groom Avatar - View your wardrobe with the Groom outfit in.
    -Gross Avatar - Beat Gross Trading Card twice, then view your opponents
    Grounchy Avatar - Have a green grouchy in your inventory, then View it.
    -Gumball Avatar - Do the gumball machine at candyland.
    -Gumball Addict Avatar - Have 1 of each gumball in inventory, view them.
    -Gutur Avatar - Trade a Gutur for a Gutur via the trading post.

    Hacker Avatar - Have a digital pet with a hacker job and view its profile.
    Halloween Avatar - Have a pumpkin in your inventory and click on it.
    Halloween Snowman Avatar - Random when completing a quest (2007)
    Hammy Avatar - Attach a Hammy to any pet with level 50 music.
    -Happy Avatar - Own a gold Reese at 100% happiness and view its profile.
    -Happy Birthday - Feed any pet the 3 years cake.
    -Healthy Avatar - Visit the giant fruit shop and refresh.
    Heavy Avatar - Win the guess the weight at gigantic paradise.
    -Help Avatar - Visit the help section on marasites.
    History Avatar - Complete 152 history lessons with a pet.
    -Hithe Avatar - Beat hithe over 100 times.
    Hobo Avatar - Use a hobo costume on a chibs or osafo pet.
    -Hospital Avatar - Cure any pet that has a headache at the hospital.
    -Housse Avatar - Beat housse over 250 times.
    Hungry Avatar - Allow all pets owned to reach 60% hunger.
    -Hut Avatar - Got to your hut (original marahome) and refresh.

    Ice Avatar - Complete level 27 of blitzen.
    -I love my minipet Avatar - Make any DNA minipet 100% happy from watching tv.
    -Ice Cold Avatar - Restock a random item at the frozen food shop in Biala.
    Ice Fairy Avatar -
    Impossible Avatar - Beat Devil once in the battle arena.
    Insideout Avatar - Use an Insideout Costume on a pet.
    -Invisible Avatar - Search and view the pet named invisible.
    -Iolan Avatar - Defend whilst battling Iolan.

    Jackpot Avatar - Win the Jackpot.
    Jet Avatar - Use a digital spell on Jet.
    -Jokemo Avatar - Attach a Jokemo and name it Jokemo, refresh.
    -Journal Avatar - Refresh at journal main page. (try deleting a dummy blog)

    Keno Avatar - Guess 10 number's right at keno in Jenoa.
    -Knutt Knight Avatar - Complete 500 Knutt Knight quests.
    Kuork Avatar - Shop search for a kuork while one's in your shop (unpriced?).

    Laiyee Avatar - Attach 5 Laiyees to a pet
    -Language Avatar - Teach a pet 15 language lessons.
    -Lela Avatar - Attach Lela to pet, & view mini.
    Leprechaun Avatar - Do 200 Leprechaun Quests
    Light Avatar - Use a Light Costume on a pet
    -Light Side Avatar - Complete a quest for King Baspinar.
    -Linuw Avatar - Battle linuw over 300 times, win or lose.
    -Lolly Avatar - Feed any lollypop to your pet.
    Lost Avatar - Check price of a lost while one's in your shop (unpriced?)
    -Lxi Avatar - Battle Lxi 9 times.
    Love Avatar - Use a love costume on any pet that has over 30 magic stats.
    Lurve Avatar - Remove an aged lurve - 60 + days old.

    Mad Scientist Avatar - Have a lab job on any pet and get an promotion
    -Mailo Avatar - Refresh at the Mailo colours page in minipet island
    Maisonette Avatar - Create and then demolish a maisonette
    -Marada Avatar - Go to explore page at either 15, 30, 45 minutes past the hour
    -Maramail Avatar - Search for the user maramail and view them
    -Marapal Avatar - Have 15 or more marapal's and then view your list
    -Marapet Keeper Avatar - Send a score of 3000 +
    Marapoints Avatar - Gain marapoints in a random event
    Marapop Avatar - Finish the Marapop event, 2006
    -Maraschool Avatar - Restock a rarity 7 item in the school supply shop
    Marasite Avatar - Type "marasites" on your marasite
    -Maths Avatar - Teach your pet 27 maths classes
    Mayor Avatar - Get any pet a mayor job and collect its income
    -Mechanic Avatar - Complete 300 garage quests
    -Mermaid Avatar - Own a mermaid pet and feed it sushi
    Merry Christmas Avatar - Play w/ frozen advent wreath you were SENT until it breaks
    -Milk Chocolate Avatar - Have 70 MILK chocolate's in your inventory
    Millionaire Avatar - buy an item from Millionaire's Lodge.
    -Mint Chocolate Avatar - Have 25 mint chocolates in your inventory
    -Miort - attach a Moirt minipet to any pet
    -Mommi Avatar - Beat Mommi 22 times in the one-player battle arena.
    Mount Avatar - Battle mount over 500 times, win or lose.
    -Movie Star Avatar - View the stats needed for a drama queen job via the

    job centre
    -Mozo Avatar - Battle mozo over 50 times, win or lose.
    Mugen Avatar - Attach a Mugen to your pet and view it
    -Murderer Avatar - Use a Poison on a pet
    -Murfin Chase Avatar - Random when sending a score after playing the game
    -Music Avatar - Let your pet listen to 7 cd's.
    -Musical Avatar - Teach your pet 10 of the same instrument
    -Muskit Avatar - look at your deck with Muskit in it
    -Mutant Avatar - If you make a dna minipet and one pet gets turned into a mutant

    Naoen Avatar - Send a Naoen to another User.
    Napoleon Avatar - Have 10 Napoleons in your attic, then view them
    Naughty Avatar - Given by the advent calendar christmas 2005
    Nefarious Avatar - Use the Nefarious Costume on a pet
    -News Avatar - Read the news and refresh
    -Night Avatar - View the online list when the Night layout is on.
    -Nille Avatar - Battle nille over 15 times, win or lose
    Ninja Avatar - Use an enchanted ninja knutt plushie on any pet
    -Nocto Avatar - View battle page with LXi & Nocto, after 8 battles with Lxi.
    -Nodio Avatar - Search for Nodio on the shop search
    Notice Avatar - Spend a minimum of 150k at the noticeboard on ONE notice

    -Offline Avatar - Read a maramail from a sender who is OFFline
    Ogul Avatar - Battle ogul over 225 times, win or lose.
    -Oglue Lunch... Avatar - Send Oglue Lunch score when it is game of the week.
    Oke Avatar - Win against Oke 15+ times.
    Old Avatar - Use old costume on pet that has 30+ defence stats.
    -Olvic Avatar - Attach Olvic to pet, then view Olvic.
    -Online Avatar - Visit the log in page
    -Operate Avatar - Random from using the operation portal at Enpiah
    -Orange Avatar - Have any enchanted orange plushie in inventory, click on it
    -Orange Chocolate Avatar - Have 100 orange chocolates in your inventory

    Pearl Avatar - Have 46 pearls in your inventory, one of each
    -Pessen Avatar - Battle pessen over 175 times, win or lose.
    Phanty Rescue Avatar - Send a score on the Phanty Rescue Game, approx 50k+
    Phospho Avatar - Battle phospho, win or lose.
    -Photo Collector Avatar - View your Photo Album.
    Photo Parlour avatar - Take a photo of a Shaved Walee at the photo parlour.
    -Pink Avatar - Look up ANY pink pet
    -Pinto Avatar - Attach pinto to pet, then view it.
    -Pirate Avatar - Own any pirate pet and view its profile
    -Pixie Avatar - View the Pixie stamp in your stamp album
    -Pizza Avatar - Visit the pizza shop in Slater Park when it is empty
    Plant Avatar - Purchase a plant costume from the pirate ship
    Plug Avatar - Attach a plug to any pet for 50 days
    Plushie Avatar - Own a huthiq pet and use a plushie costume on it
    -Plushies Avatar - Random from using the plushie machine at slater park
    -Poison Avatar - Buy A Poison from the Poison's shop in Eleka Castle
    Pop Star Avatar - Have a karaoke king job and collect the income
    -Power Avatar - Pay a bill at the power station (bill given randomly)
    -Pretty Avatar - Have 25 red roses in your inventory
    Princess Avatar - Complete level 27 of Trunx Mission
    Prison Avatar - Take a Feliz pet out of prison
    Prize Winner Avatar - Win a prize from the Monthly Prize Draw.
    -Protect the Egg Avatar - Win any free Gift.
    -Psyclone Avatar - Psyclone on a Funky pet, 31+ days.
    Pumpkin Avatar - Click on a pumpkin in your inventory.
    Pumpkin Hunt 2007 Avatar - UNKNOWN YET
    -Purple Avatar - Have a purple pet and view it
    -Push Avatar - Re-stock a wind up grint toy from the toy shop

    -Quest Avatar - Complete 25 elger quests at the haunted house

    Raa Avatar - Beat the Raa over 4 times
    -Raffle Avatar - Purchase 100 raffle tickets
    Rainbow Avatar - Equip a Rainbow Zax to any Rainbow Pet
    -Rapunzel Avatar - Buy anything from rapunzel's tower
    -Recycled Avatar - Trade in your recycled cans for a recycled costume
    -Red Avatar - Feed a red Addow pet a red gumball
    Refer Avatar - Refer 25 members at any given time to marapets using your referal link
    -Reisand Avatar - Beat the Reisand 2+ times
    -Reon Avatar - View a 80+ day old Reon on a Stoneage pet.
    -Rich Avatar - Buy a second item at The Millionaire's Lodge.
    Robot Avatar - accept a robot pet through pet exchange.
    -Rofling Gold... Avatar - Play Rofling Gold when it's Game of the Day.
    -Rotten Avatar - Complete level 27 of the troll missions
    Royal Avatar - Use a Royal costume on a pet
    -Rubhd Avatar - Battle rubhd 100+ times, win or lose.
    Rusty Avatar - Battle rusty 225+ times, win or lose.
    Rweek Avatar - Buy a rweek from a user shop

    Sad Avatar - Adopt a green Feliz from the pound
    -Santa Claws Avatar - Do 140 Santa quests
    -Satellite Avatar - Type garbage in at satellite, so search will fail.
    Scary Avatar - Own a zombie yakubi and look at its profile
    Schmog Avatar - Remove an aged schmog (80+ days) from any pet
    Science Avatar - Teach a pet 52 science lessons
    Scrooge Avatar - Buy a normal scrooge from a shop for 1 marapoint
    -Search Avatar - Look yourself up in the slow shop search
    Seasonal Avatar - Own a Chibs and use a seasonal costume on it
    Seasons Greetings Avatar - Donate any advent 2005 item to the pot of gold (random)
    -Sell Avatar - Sell any shares you may own
    Serri Avatar - Attach a Serri to any pet and then remove it
    Shack Avatar - Random when building a shack
    -Shadow Avatar - Have a shadow trading card in your deck, view your deck
    -Shaved Avatar - Complete mission 27 of Tarquin
    -Shineh Avatar - Put a Dukka coin into the Dukka Exchange
    -Shoot The Fatty Avatar - Shoot only ONE fatty and let the time run out
    Shout Avatar - Post SHOUT on the spam forum - or visit login page?
    -Sick Avatar - Use murfin madness and your pet falls ill (random)
    -Silver Avatar - Have any enchanted silver plushie in your inventory
    Skater Avatar - Use a Skater Costume on any pet
    -Skeleton Avatar - Complete mission 27 of Trotter
    -Sketch Avatar - Have sketch costume in inventory, view Sketch Costume at Pet Colors.
    -Skinny Avatar - 50 fast food items in inventory, view skinny Costume at Pet Colors.
    -Sleeping Avatar - Make any pet you own go to sleep in your marahome
    Smuggler Avatar - Buy any item from smuggling
    -Snap Avatar - Send maramail to yourself, with Snap as title, & message, read it.
    -Snob Avatar - Vote for the Snob party, then view your profile.
    -Snowman Avatar - Complete 50 snowman quest's
    -Snowy Avatar - Do a look up on a snowy costume in the search box
    -Space Avatar - Put a space Azul pet into the operation portal at Enpiah
    -Sponge Avatar - Complete mission 24 of Clam.
    -Spooks Avatar - Purchase a Spooks from another user's shop
    Sports Avatar - Teach a pet 77 sports lessons
    -Squeek Avatar - Buy a rubber duck at the toy shop (random)
    -Squit Avatar - Battle Squit and win
    -sshh Avatar - Read your pet the Book of secrets, then view your pets books.
    -Stamps Avatar - Put any stamp in your stamp album
    Starry Avatar - Own a starry pet and let it play with a rarity 7 star
    -Stars Avatar - Complete 5 Ublish mission's
    -Stocks Avatar - purchase 2,500 stocks of the same company and view my stock's page
    Stoneage Avatar - Own aged stoneage pet with stats (maybe 250+ days with 50+ stats)
    -Sudoku Avatar - Complete any Sudoku puzzle.
    -Superhero Avatar - Random when visiting the Ice Caves wearing superhero costume.
    -Swondor Avatar - look at your deck with Swondor in it
    -Sword Avatar - Just try to pull the sword from the stone, in Baspinar.

    -Tarquin Avatar - Complete all 30 tarquin missions
    Theatre Avatar - Complete level 30 of Trunx Mission
    -Thirugon Avatar - Use heal when battling Thirugon, may take more than 1 try
    -Time Avatar - Visit the clock tower between 00:00:00 and 00:00:59
    -Tinsel Avatar - Age a Tinsel on a Christmas Pet, approx 28+ days
    Toddler Avatar - Have 3 Toddler pets, then view your pets
    -Tombola Avatar - Win a Tombola Stamp on the Tombola.
    -Trade Avatar - Send yourself a trading card
    -Training Avatar - Complete a training session at the Gym.
    -Treasure Avatar - Refresh at the Account Upgrade page
    Tree Hugger Avatar - Vote for the Tree Hugging party, then view your profile.
    -Tresure Avatar - Beat Tresure 76 times in the Battle Arena
    Trick Or Treat 2005 Avatar - Own a halloween pet and trick or treat Elger (2005)
    -Trick or Treat 07 Avatar - Visit Elger with Halloween / similar costumed pet (2007)
    -Troll Avatar - Complete all 30 troll missions
    -Trotter Avatar - Complete mission 30 of Trotter
    -Tweblud Avatar -View a 100+ day old Tweblud attached to your Angel pet.
    Twree Avatar - Twree trading card in INVENTORY, view a deck with a twree card in it

    -Uayl Avatar - Random from battling uayl
    -Ublish Avatar - Finish ALL 30 of Ublish mission's
    -Undead Billiards Avatar - Random when sending your score after playing
    Undying Avatar - Visit undying woods halloween 2004
    -Undying Festival Avatar - 2007
    -Undying Minipets Avatar - Create an undying minipet
    -Undying Tombola Avatar - Get the Stamp at the Undying Tombola
    -Undying Woods Avatar - Complete level 30 of the Undying Woods Goals.
    Upgrade Avatar - Have your shop at size 51 or above
    -Upload Avatar - Be logged in and view on a Thursday
    Underwater Avatar - Use an underwater costume on a pet.
    Ush Avatar - Put 2 ush in your gallery and then view your gallery

    -Vacation Avatar - Put ALL your pet's on vacation
    -Valentine Avatar - Feed a Valentine from a love cooker
    Vending Machine Avatar - Complete the Vending Machine map in Slater Park
    Vibue Avatar - Battle Vibue and draw
    Volum Avatar - Have 100 Volums in your attic and view your attic
    Voodoo Avatar - When you complete Level 24 of The Fates Mission.

    -War Avatar - When you joined a team for the War in March 2007.
    -Water Avatar - Own a water pet and feed it a water crystal
    -Whirlpool Avatar - Random when finding mp in the Whirlpool.
    -White Avatar - View the white pet's page at gigantic paradise
    -White Chocolate Avatar - Have exactly 50 White Chocolates in your Inventory.
    -Winner Avatar - Win whilst betting any amount on Newth #3
    Withdraw Avatar - Use the ATM machine in Ziranek and withdraw 1,000mp exactly
    Witch Avatar - Use a Witch Costume on a pet.
    Wizard Avatar - Own a wizard pet and equip any healing potion to it
    WWW Avatar - Have a pet watch the guide to marasites dvd, then view its dvds

    Xmas 07 Avatar - have a pet eat a Christmas Candycane
    -Xor Avatar - Battle xor 6 times and then view first page of battle opponents

    -Yakubi Attack Avatar - Send 3 Yakubi Attack scores, then go back to the game.
    -Yellow Avatar - Maramail any user with subject and text "yellow"
    -Yonce Avatar - Put a Yonce on your wishlist in the dukka caves
    -Yoop Avatar - View a 100+ day old regular coloured Yoop attached to your pet
    -Yum Avatar - Post the word 'yum' in your maraclub, may take more than one try

    -Zard Avatar - Beat Zard 150 times.
    Zax Avatar - Equip a Zax to the same coloured pet
    -Ziranek Avatar - Visit Ziranek and refresh when at the main page
    -Zombie Avatar - Buy any trading card of any type from TC shop
    Zound Avatar - Have 2 zound's in your shop for 250k, view your shop

    DNA Minipets
    Addow Osafo Addafo _________ Addow Reese Addese
    Addow Bolimo Addimo ________ Addow Fasoro Addoro
    Addow Newth Addoth _________ Addow Jessup Addup
    Azul Leido Azeido ___________Azul Grint Azint
    Azul Zetlian Azlian ________ Azul Addow Azow
    Azul Yakubi Azubi __________ Azul Equilor Azulor
    Bolimo Grint Bolint ________ Bolimo Fasoro Bolisoro
    Chibs Lati Chati ___________ Chibs Bolimo Chibimo
    Chibs Azul Chibzul _________ Chibs Addow Chidow
    Chibs Feliz Chiiz __________ Chibs Xoi Choi
    Chibs Doyle Choyle _________ Chibs Knutt Chutt
    Addow Doyle Doyow __________ Azul Doyle Doyzul
    Ercuw Yuni Erni ____________ Fasoro Osafo Fasafo
    Fasoro Murfin Fasofin ______ Azul Fasoro Fasorul
    Crindol Feliz Fendol _______ Gonk Oglue Goglue
    Gonk Mordo Gordo ___________ Grint Leido Grinido
    Addow Grint Grinow _________ Huthiq Bolimo Huthimo
    Jessup Leido Jessido _______ Azul Jessup Jessul
    Jessup Knutt Jessutt _______ Fasoro Knutt Knoro
    Azul Knutt Knuzul __________ Addow Leido Leidow
    Ushunda Leido Leidunda _____ Addow Murfin Murfow
    Azul Murfin Murfzul ________ Jessup Osafo Osafup
    Grint Paffuto Paffint ______ Addow Quell Quelow
    Chibs Quell Quibs __________ Fasoro Reese Reesoro
    Azul Reese Reezul __________ Ercuw Renat Renuw
    Addow Rofling Roflow _______ Chibs Tantua Tantibs
    Addow Tantua Tantow ________ Addow Ushunda Ushundow
    Fasoro Ushunda Ushunoro ____ Crindol Viotto Viondol
    Jessup Walee Wassup ________ Addow Yakubi Yakuow
    Newth Yakubi Yakuth ________ Walee Zetlian Zetlee
    Fasoro Zetlian Zetoro _______ 31 species, 11 colors

    Equipment Comparison / Test Results
    78 Grassy Axe
    61 King Baspinar Axe
    __ Flaming Axe
    51 Biala Sword
    __ Sword of KB V
    45 Funky Knife
    45 Rotten Sword
    45 Sun Sword
    __ Sword of KB II, III, VI
    __ Addow Staff
    40 Blitzen Daggers
    40 Staff of the Devil
    __ Staff of the Ocean
    34 Trotters Sword
    34 Robotic Knife
    34 Pumpkin Knives
    34 Moon Sword
    34 Golden Axe
    34 Spear of Ublish
    __ Staff of the Tornado
    __ Staff of the Volcano
    __ Flaming Hammer
    29 Princess Dagger
    23 Pumpkin Bow
    18 Shadow Blade

    150 Sun Healing Potion, one use, gone forever
    150 Moon Healing Potion, one use, gone forever
    38 Sun Healing Wand
    38 Moon Healing Wand
    35 Eleka Wand
    24 Doyle Wands - best species healer

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