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Marapets is mobile friendly
My name is Veronica. I started playing on September 14, 2006

I like my club, so please don't ask me to join another one. Thank you!

If you can't tell by my pets, I absolutely love Pokemon! lol

I am more than happy to lend my pets out for goals or any avatars they may give. Just send a mm or mt!

I don't have any pets that are for trade, unless I have a pet trade up -or- I offer a pet on one of your pet trades. Thank you! ^_^

I try my best to be friendly and helpful, if you have a question about Marapets feel free to ask my via PM or MT and I can try my best to help you.

Feel free to mm or mt if I have a trade up and you want to haggle! I will always work on prices!

If you want to be friends, send a request. I don't mind at all. :)
Player for 14 years, 4 months & 15 daysJoined 14th Sep 2006 12:33
Player for 14 years, 4 months & 15 days Joined 14th Sep 2006 12:33

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