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≧◉◡◉≦ Pet Goals
[] Vhark into Polar or Tundra Flab
[] Tracks into Safari Viotto
[7/23/2019] Light Fairy Yuni
[8/16/2019] Maul into Figaro
[10/24/2019] Moppet into Witch Huthiq
[12/11/2019] School Addow
[12/27/2019-Thank you, Elf!] Christmas_Lights into Christmas Tree Knutt
[5/30/2020-Hotline transformed, 6/9/2020 costumed!] Fireworks Basil
[6/12/2020] Kotei_Pengin into Chibi Newth
[9/28/2020- transformed into Tasi, Thank you Parrot!, 10/6/2020 costumed!] Yumejoshi into Anime Tasi
Player for 14 years, 1 month & 25 daysJoined 5th Sep 2006 06:48
I collect Birthday Ponies!
Player for 14 years, 1 month & 25 days Joined 5th Sep 2006 06:48

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