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Once upon a time, a dragon stole a precious gem belonging to a witch. The witch was old and would not stand a chance going up against the ferocious dragon, so she sought help from anyone she met offering a reward. Nobody wanted to help due to fear of the dragon except for a gizmo whose desire for wealth outweighed any fear. The witch cast a spell upon the gizmo, and she turned smaller, smaller, smaller and smaller so that she would be able to sneak in and out of the dragon’s lair unnoticed. The tiny gizmo crawled through the cracks in the dragon’s home and immediately spotted the sparkling blue gemstone. Excited by the value of the gem, the gizmo grabbed it and scurried out so fast the dragon swore that he saw the gem just vanish into thin air! Instead of returning the gem to its rightful owner, the gizmo hurried off to a nearby village to try and sell it for as much as possible believing its value to be greater than the reward the witch offered. However, due to her tiny size, the gizmo was either ignored or made fun of by anyone she approached. Disheartened, the gizmo returned to the witch with the gem.
“Oh dear wise witch, I return with the gemstone! The dragon gave quite a chase but finally I return with it to you!” the gizmo told her.
“You lying, greedy marapet”, the witch replied. “I know that the dragon didn’t chase you and that you tried to run off and sell my gem! There will be no reward for you. Return my gem to me at once and you’ll be grateful that the worse I do to you is keep you in that miniaturized form!” The gizmo handed over the blue gem, and thence on remained in the tiny size, known as Miniaturized the gizmo.
Miniaturized the Minipet Gizmo
5 years, 8 months & 1 day OldBorn 18th Oct 2015 19:07

Rock Facts
2 Years 11 Months Old
Level 17 Chef earning MP7,700MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP8,800MP a day
Level 80  Health 80  Charisma 45  Art 50  Science 75  CDs 75  DVDs 75  Books 80  Stamina 80  Coordination 80  Environmental Studies 16  Business Studies 24