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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
To all admins,

I mostly play Marapets on my mobile phone, sometimes personal laptop.

My sister, Pinkflamesx shares the same IP address as me as she plays on her mobile phone too.

Even though it might says I’m online, I may not be and will be in and out randomly throughout the day. If you require any help, please don’t hesitate to MM or MT! I promise to reply as soon as I can c:

If you are interested in swapping plushies, plates, photos, let me know too!
Player for 9 years, 1 month & 17 daysJoined 21st Jun 2011 06:14
Collecting EVERYTHING for Encyclopaedia!
Player for 9 years, 1 month & 17 days Joined 21st Jun 2011 06:14
~also Sapphirebluesx3

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