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Marapets is mobile friendly
First joined Marapets on Wednesday October 18, 2006.
This account created on January 25, 2009.

I'm a casual player. While I'm online most days, it might only be for a bit. MM is your best bet for a response.

LENDING: I'd be happy to lend my plushies and toys, but I'd expect full price or an equivalent value replacement if they break. MM FIRST!

SELLING: I will discount if you buy more than one, but I will be hesitant to accept an offer of less than what I paid for them initially. If you would like to know what I paid, MM me and I'll be happy to let you know.

Don't be shy to MM or MT me with an offer, and have a great day!
Player for 11 years, 2 months & 13 daysJoined 24th Jan 2009 17:32
I am always buying Shaorin's missing toys!
Player for 11 years, 2 months & 13 days Joined 24th Jan 2009 17:32

Euphoria has collected 18 of 74 Giftboxes

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