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Hello! Call me Shinzu or Ree.

I'm 23, just graduated college, and I've been playing this site since I was in 4th grade! 5th grade? :'D I can't remember clearly but! It's good to meet you.

I love to RP (been RPing since I joined the site actually!) and play video games and stuff! Feel free to message if you'd like to talk!

My favorite pet costume in the whole world is the Pinata Costume and I'm so happy that I've recently been able to get my Huthiq and Ike in that costume!

I'm usually on in the mornings and at night and occasionally throughout the day while I'm at work. I'm more than happy to help out with photos and stuff and usually have a stock of my cheese Limax and pinata Ike!
Player for 12 years, 4 months & 1 dayJoined 24th May 2008 10:22
I come and go.
Player for 12 years, 4 months & 1 day Joined 24th May 2008 10:22

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