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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
If you ever doubt that I'm using a book I'm trying to buy from you discounted, I get it. Check my pet simba_10, as he is my main learnies pet!


I'll sometimes come here and then like... immediately switch tabs so uhh.. I'm here but I'm not
...sorry 'bout that...

Hey there!
If you need help with anything, just mail me and I'll do what I can! Keep in mind though that I can't always guarantee I will respond quickly. I get distracted easily...

If you've offered on one of my trades and haven't heard a response in about a day, please MM/MT me! I often get sidetracked and then proceed to forget about whatever it may have been that I was doing (looking at trades, doing a quest, I'm really terrible at the sometimes)

No, my pets aren't for sale/trade. Please don't mail me about it

Uhh so first things first: I'm usually online at home on my desktop, but sometimes I'm on my phone or at my dads or really just whatever pc I'm near so like... i hope that's okay oops
second I've been here since 2006 and I'm an adult player that likes to play here instead of do responsible adult things (not that i know what those are tbh)

I'm not trading my pets and while I might lend them, the one you probably want is stuck in a temple so uhhh sorry dude

If we talk then I'll friend you/temporarily allow requests but if not then sorry i don't want any random friends, i already have a bunch of friends like that irl so like no...

I don't want to join your club, i'm already in one that i lowkey didn't even want but now is like part of the reason i come online so
i guess what I'm saying is thanks but i'm set

I am friendly (on here at least) but just forgetful so like if you want a fast response, MT don't MM. I'll try and help if i can

While i do draw, i probably don't want to unless i said i'd trade with you or like it's a present cause man i'm sick of feeling ripped off
that took me like 5hrs minimum and you gave me 500k
thats like 80 cents canadian
i can make more money picking up pennies on the sidewalk so uhhh no i'm probably not drawing anything

ps i'm full of fun inconsistencies like I'm and i'm
i tried

my life is one part 'wait' and another part 'what'





Player for 14 years, 8 months & 8 daysJoined 21st Jan 2006 14:47
Sure, I'm insane. What's your point?
Player for 14 years, 8 months & 8 days Joined 21st Jan 2006 14:47
~also koolcatcoco

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