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Call me Ghibli. Call me Sarah. I promise to try and reply to every maramail I get.

Okay so, looks like my boyfriend got a Mara account without telling me and LOST ME ALL THE REFERRAL POINTS I COULD HAVE HAD. Captain_Spiltz, so if it shows up that he's on my IP address, there's two of us now.

22/06/2016 - 16:42

It took me nearly 8 years but I've finally, FINALLY, completed my wardrobe. I have every attainable piece of clothing on the site! It's been my unwavering goal since I began and has cost me well over 500m and was so, TOTALLY worth it. I think I might cry.

THANK YOU to everyone, and there have been hundreds, over the years who have helped me build up my collection, but particular thanks to :
Mike (Q_Q)

who probably don't even remember helping me but I remember you. Either through restocking difficult items for me, giving me discount of a butt-load of retired clothing or actually donating stuff for free (I will NEVER get over having the war pants, long pants and shirt donated for FREE. You know who you are you lovely).

Argh, okay happy rant over. Mara you're a wonderful community. Now I can finally work on my pets properly!
Player for 13 years, 8 months & 2 daysJoined 17th Oct 2007 11:43
Player for 13 years, 8 months & 2 days Joined 17th Oct 2007 11:43

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