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Marapets is mobile friendly
Candeebean is NEVER for trade. She was given to me 3/21/16 by the Easter Bunny :)

**Please forgive me if I do not reply to Mails ASAP. Im not as active on here as I use to be. I mainly come on here to keep up with collections and thats about it.***((IM SLOWLY TRYING TO BECOME MORE ACTIVE, PLEASE BARE WITH ME! :))

Player for 13 years, 1 month & 4 daysJoined 20th Sep 2007 15:41
Player for 13 years, 1 month & 4 days Joined 20th Sep 2007 15:41

Beauty has collected 20 of 77 Giftboxes

Clothing Rack
Double Crystals
Extra Pet (69)
Missing Food
Missing Learnable
Missing Photo
Missing Plushies
Missing Wardrobe
Operations Portal
Poison Pit
Price Order
Shop Pricer
Transmogrification Repeat
Transmogrification Temple
Transubstantiation Temple
Vending Machine
Wardrobe Selfie