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hey all
My name is Rachita you can call me Rachi. I was born in India but have moved to New Zealand.
I am an adult player 27yrs old (as of 2016) dunno when i remember to edit this again.. hahaha.
i joined mara in Jan 2007 and have had my periods of absence from the site for a few years. each time i get back i get back on a stronger note.
i am usually online (dont log off) you are more then welcome to mail me or ask me for things which if possible i will give.
i would love helping you out as much as i can.
in real life, i am a passionate traveler with a love for photography and am a hardcore wildlife enthusiast
i collect plushies, stamps and am also building up my gourmet pet.

building up my pets
Pyca- Toys
scoo1- music and battle
mottle_d1- gourmet (turned into a villain rusty on 08/07/2017)
COOL180- books & DVDs
holyawesomeness- transformation
Player for 13 years, 9 months & 9 daysJoined 17th Jan 2007 05:47
I log on to my phone/tablet/computer at home.
Recently a new mom (24th Oct 2018)
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Player for 13 years, 9 months & 9 days Joined 17th Jan 2007 05:47

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