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XX~About me~XX

female | USA | asplenia | book-nerd | atheist | music lover

✨Long term goals✨:
[] Change usernames
[] Have no iems on my wishlist
[] Save 10m of RP, BP, and MP

Friend requests: Sure, but please don't add me just to have another number on your friends list
Club invites: No thank you!
Pet trades: You can mail me for offers, but no trading Lollipops
Photos or Plates: Mail me if you need any and I can put it in trades for a swap :3

(Started saving for the wonky pyramid on 7/16/21)

Credit to Sincerely!
Player for 1 year, 2 months & 10 daysJoined 8th Jul 2020 12:24
Player for 1 year, 2 months & 10 days Joined 8th Jul 2020 12:24

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