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Joel - He/Him - 20

Current Wishlist:
- Any Chibs
- Any Kujo
- Any Villain Pet

Costume Plans:
BessieTheBee - Bee Costume
Eloisi - Strobe Costume
Enigmini - Gothic Costume
Heeq - Arcade Costume
Spiritsus - Mermaid Costume

Note to Staff:
I log in on this account using both my personal computer and my phone. Occasionally I use a public computer on campus to check my account so there may be a few odd IP addresses in there.
Player for 28 days, 20 hrs & 22 minsJoined 18th Jan 2020 15:45
My current, ultimate goal, is to get a Chibs.
Player for 28 days, 20 hrs & 22 mins Joined 18th Jan 2020 15:45

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