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I collect plushies so please feel free to send me any that you don't want or I'll trade you items for them<3
Hi I'm Honey! I love playing Mara!

I'm currently working on my plushie, stamp, & photo collection!

Player for 2 years & 20 daysJoined 7th Oct 2019 21:34
Note to staff: I login on multiple devices and stay logged in, so my online status may not be correct. Thx<3
Player for 2 years & 20 days Joined 7th Oct 2019 21:34

2honeyx has collected 8 of 77 Giftboxes

Extra Pet (27)
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Shop Pricer
Wardrobe Selfie
Worm Digging

2honeyx has collected 2 of 25 Maps