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Slytherin - 15 - Sagittarius


Future pet goals: Gothic willa, fancy chibs, arcade raulf, nimbus limax, vampire limax, and any starry pet!

Current pet goals:

DarceSwiftwing: Dragon Chibs [ ]
Deathheart: Killer Chibs [ ]
Frosbi: Dragon Ercuw [ ]
Fuantei: Killer Zola [ ]
Gastrodon: Underwater Costume [ ]
GoldenGlory: Angel Limax [ ]
Impressionisms: name change [ ]
Lavashoot: Fire Costume [ ]
Littlecreampuff: Calico Nino [X]
Motestateslol: Name Change [ ]
Tyleo: Dragon Costume [ ]
UnluckyThirteen: Nightmare Decadal [ ]
ViperDarkstroke: Voodoo Costume [ ]
Xipye: Bug Chibs [ ]
Zekera: Dragon Costume [ ]

FINISHED PETS: Iye and Littlecreampuff. <3

Hello!!!! I'm Tastydragon (I know you can read)
I have a nickname (dragonfly) that you can call me if you want.

Here's some great life advice: BE WEIRD (or you know, be yourself)

I am willing to send/exchange/trade any of my pets for goals, as long as you send them back. mm or mt me the reason why and pet you want to me to send/exchange/trade.

I love music. I love all music except for rap, though my favorite genre is rock. I love Linkin Park, ThreeDaysGrace, Godsmack, The Offspring, Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, Fallout Boy, Disturbed, Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Korn, Seether, Skillet, Staind, and Shinedown.

I LOVE ART AND ACTING! one of my biggest dreams in to be an actor. I am currently in Drama. I also love WRITING STORIES. I write dark and disturbing tales. ever want to start a conversation with me, go right ahead! I like random things ;)

I have eight favorite animals. They are wolves, foxes, raccoons, flying fish, flying squirrels and squirrels, cheetahs, bats, and hawks. Yes, this was very important and totally necessary to add here.

Player for 10 months, 23 days & 19 hrsJoined 14th Aug 2019 13:39
My dolls never have shoes on- I'm allergic to footwear

My dream pet is a Galaxy Decadal! <3


Player for 10 months, 23 days & 19 hrs Joined 14th Aug 2019 13:39

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