Hey there! Feel free to ask questions. I’m happy to lend my pets!! Always accepting friend requests. My character basically looks like me. See Info for more.
STAFF: Ruslan is my nephew. We use the same IP from time to time. Russian adoptee living in the USA. Artist. Beaded jewelry maker. Writer. Adventurist. Sushi eater and Studio Ghibli appreciator. Born in March of 1997. Lover of Firefly/Serenity and most nerdy stuff. Been on Mara since September of 2011.

Color- Blue (Cobalt)
Beverage- Tea for sure. All day, any day. Except for spiced tea like cinnamon or chai.
Movie- Serenity... along with any Marvel movie, or just any action/drama/psychological thriller. I’m also a big fan of Studio Ghibli.
TV show- Too many at this point. I’d say One Piece (slowly working on it), Firefly, Once Upon a Time, Bob’s Burgers, F is for Family, and anything that’s comedic (both dumb and dry humor) or action/ adventure.
YouTuber(s)- Cyanide and Happiness, Comment Awards, Alexander Rybak, and Regina Spektor.
Music- I like just about anything except for heavy rap. I just can’t seem to enjoy it, simply because the lyrics don’t speak to me. Twenty One Pilots is the closest thing I like that’s “rap”. Otherwise, my favorite genres are rock/heavy metal (I stop at screamo though!), indie, folk (Russian to be more specific), and anything trippy like reggae/techno. My current favorite artists are: Twenty One Pilots, Regina Spektor, Alexander Rybak, KINO/Viktor Tsoi (former Soviet band), Anberlin (former rock band), Shinedown, Attila, and Alec Benjamin.

STAFF: I’m on my iPhone as well as laptop. But mostly iPhone. My location may change a bit, but it’s always me.
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I go by Toriya or VB
Player for 8 years, 2 months & 21 daysJoined 17th Sep 2011 18:10
~also MarikaAnna
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