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Make sure to read my info page for further information. Have a nice day, everyone. Just to reiterate, none of my pets are for trade, sell, or lending Welcome to my information page for those of you who took the time to visit. My name is Bacs and I have been a member of Marapets since 2009. I am an adult player. Here are a few guidelines I would like to mention. Please read them. If you happen to break any of these, you might find yourself being ignored.

-Please do not send me club invites. I am not interested in joining a club.

-I will not accept random friend requests. If you are interested in talking, please send me a mara-message. I have no problems talking, and in fact enjoy a good conversation; however, you may have to excuse my shyness.

-None of my pets are for trade, sell, or lending. Do not even ask. You will definitely be ignored.

Random Pet Facts
Neesox was the 1st Devil Troit in Marada.
Cirno was the 1st Lightning Kronk in Marada.
Hikaria was the 2nd Spacefairy Equilor in Marada.
Dieselpunk was the 2nd Enpiah Ike in Marada.
Ravine was the 3rd Chocolate Troit in Marada.
Ryuujou was the 3rd Robot Reese in Marada.
Heavenward was the 4th Cartoon Zola in Marada.
York was the 4th Lilac Echlin in Marada.
Irigirik was the 7th Desert Nino in Marada.
Kapheira was the 11th Plushie Astro in Marada.
Lolee was the 11th Insideout Gonk in Marada.
Elestiria was the 13th Swamp Gobble in Marada.
Komari was the 17th Gothic Straya in Marada.
Shidare was the 30th Candy Chibs in Marada.
Player for 10 years, 8 months & 20 daysJoined 7th Sep 2009 17:57
Player for 10 years, 8 months & 20 days Joined 7th Sep 2009 17:57

Bacs91 has collected 1 of 76 Giftboxes

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Bacs91 has collected 1 of 23 Maps