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My names morgan, ive been on marapets for over six years! i collect fasoro's and keep a low price shop! Hi(: im morgan. im a animal artist and love fasoros. i love anime (dbz the best) and any wolf,dog,or cat. if u have a dark fasoro u dont want let me know. he is my dream pet

note:admins dont ban me, i have a little sis playing to called animeotaku8
[center] Goals
[x] get a dark,Halloween,and voodoo fasoro
[x] get one LE pet
[ ] get a chibs or willa
[ ] have 9 million
[ ] own 2 chibs
[ ] own a figaro
[ ] have a minipet willa
[ ] have a minipet fiagro [/center]
Player for 11 years & 29 daysJoined 10th Jul 2009 07:44
Shopping for everyone
Player for 11 years & 29 days Joined 10th Jul 2009 07:44

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