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Marapets is mobile friendly
Busy completing goals and collecting avvies.
Grinding through a bunch of quests as well.
Have a nice day!

Returning player after years of hiatus - somewhat of a newbie

Pet Goals:
Minipet Basil (snoogles)
Minipet Decadal
Minipet Sindi (Nimami)
Minipet Arinya (Souta)
Minipet Straya
Minipet Figaro (Castellino)
Fat Limax
Ice Cream Xoi

Saving up for a decadal
Adult player

Note for staff: I log in sometimes from different devices

Player for 14 years, 2 months & 14 daysJoined 13th Jan 2006 13:42
Always buying for 14mil

Player for 14 years, 2 months & 14 days Joined 13th Jan 2006 13:42

puppylove210 has collected 6 of 74 Giftboxes

Extra Pet (13)
Missing Wardrobe
Operations Portal
Shop Pricer
Wardrobe Selfie

puppylove210 has collected 2 of 23 Maps