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Marapets is mobile friendly
*~My pets are never for trade except if i need it for goals~*[br]
^~Donations are accepted and welcomed~^[br]
I collect PEARLS![br]

~~~Want to be my FRIEND tell me why?~~~[br]

[center]STAFF://I log on onto different computers, please dont ban me. Me and my sisters also use the same computer sometimes[/center][br]
Wanna get graphics/layouts for just a small fee?? Go to my Bestfriend MzGiza just tell her what you want and she'll make it for you...!!
I joined marapets on October 26, 2007[br]

In case you have any and your willing to sell it please mm me..=D I'll see if I can buy it haha..=p[br]

Player for 12 years, 8 months & 8 daysJoined 26th Oct 2007 02:20
Player for 12 years, 8 months & 8 days Joined 26th Oct 2007 02:20

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