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Marapets is mobile friendly

I occasionally use my phone or other devices to log into marapets (:

The Big Bang Theory- [br]

Sheldon: I will have a Diet Coke. [br]

Penny: Okay, can you please order alcohol? I need to practice mixing drinks. [br]

Sheldon: Fine. I will have a virgin Cuba Libre. [br]

Penny: That is, um, Rum and Coke without the Rum. [br]

Sheldon: Yes. [br]

Penny: So, Coke. [br]

Sheldon: Yes... And would you make it Diet? [br]
Player for 15 years, 9 months & 15 daysJoined 8th Jun 2007 15:21
Player for 15 years, 9 months & 15 days Joined 8th Jun 2007 15:21

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