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[35 - Female - Happily married w/one little boy (4)- Libra - Ravenclaw/Slythrin - INTJ]

MaraMail/MaraTalk - Yes

Friend Requests - Yes

Pet Trade - No

Club Invites - No

Bp/Rp - No. I don't sell either.

Pet Lending - Fees on most of my pets are very high. But if you cannot find cheaper, sure.

I'm trying to make my pets battle-worthy so that I might participate in the Knutt Knight quests. Right now, as you can see my pets aren't quiet up to battle-ready. Please, stop by my shop and buy something. MP will go towards crystals to train JKoFan for battle (as well as weapons and magic).
Player for 15 years, 7 months & 26 daysJoined 20th Oct 2005 20:20
Player for 15 years, 7 months & 26 days Joined 20th Oct 2005 20:20

jkofan has collected 7 of 77 Giftboxes

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jkofan has collected 3 of 25 Maps