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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
IP:My wifi is universally used,IP may criss cross with other users that I may/may not know.Disclaimer in just to be safe. I sign on from computers,phones,tablets depends on the day and the devise. Favorite Pet:
Chibs- dream pet Kaala-Elka

Those are my newest goals

My friends, family, good peeps. I trade all the time with...
Paulagrin, BrideofDracula, BabyCatRules
I also donate a lot to Elf and Beezlebub
So just putting this out there...again...IP's ...I uses WiFI, my phone, public computers, my work computer, all places....WIFI is shared among many. It's centrally located within the building.

Player for 14 years, 1 month & 24 daysJoined 24th Mar 2007 01:19
🎵 I'm so blinded by the lights..No I can't sleep. #StudentNurse 🎵
Player for 14 years, 1 month & 24 days Joined 24th Mar 2007 01:19

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