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friend requests are always welcome.
note to staff on my info page. "You joined Marapets on November 27, 2006, 3:13 am"

becky, twenty four. none of my pets are for trade.

note to staff: sometimes I sign on from different IP's and different computers, and sometimes on my phone.
Player for 13 years, 10 months & 2 daysJoined 26th Nov 2006 19:13
red like roses, fills my dreams, and brings me to the place you rest.
Player for 13 years, 10 months & 2 days Joined 26th Nov 2006 19:13

werthechampions has collected 7 of 77 Giftboxes

Capsule Machine
Missing Wardrobe
Nutty Tree
Shop Pricer
Trash Heap
Wardrobe Selfie

werthechampions has collected 2 of 25 Maps