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My name is Tatyana. I love Jesus. I am a nail polish, skincare and make-up junkie. 💅🏼 💄💆🏽‍♀️

I am currently not accepting club invites. My pets are not up for trade at the moment either unless I state they are.

ALL friend requests will be accepted! Don't be shy! ;)

** I collect coffee and bakery items. Basically anything that looks tasty. Send them right in if you feel it in your heart to do so. **
Player for 14 years, 6 months & 26 daysJoined 20th Oct 2006 14:05
If you need someone to talk to or need any sort of help, never hesitate to maramail me!
Player for 14 years, 6 months & 26 days Joined 20th Oct 2006 14:05
~also Yauaisha, belikerainwater, bleuenn, odetothegreyzone, sonder

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