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12 Feb 07:50

23rd August 2012
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This ancient Temple has been opened for you to explore. Its very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temple has many obstacles, 30 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will notice many closed, locked doors which can only be opened by the hidden knowledge of Bug, Fish and Robot Minipets.

At each level of the Temple, you will get a prize. It can be either items, currency, pet stats or Account Upgrade Credit. There is no time limit for completing the Temple, but you can only complete one level every 12 hours. If you manage to reach level 30, you will be able to choose any Hidden Avatar you are missing and it will be added straight to your collection. We believe that this is a fair way for newer players to get hold of retired Avatars that are no longer avaliable to them.


The new Temple of Tableaus has been added to the Lost City of Simeria map.

22nd August 2012
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There are 12 new Musical Instruments. 6 are now restocking in the Dukka Caves Musical Instruments shop, 2 are restocking at the Desert Spy Shop, 2 are at the Pirate Ship, 1 is at the Olympic Redemption Shop and the final one is in Rapunzel's Tower.

The Maradan Bank in the City of Marada has been revamped.

21st August 2012
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The Angel and Zombie Justin and the Rainbow and Love Murfins are now avaliable.

The Native Account Upgrades will be retired on 31th August. The limited edition Tasi pets will NEVER be avaliable at the Account Upgrades again.

21st August 2012
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The Genie has been added to the Kamilah Desert world. You can visit once a day and she will grant your pet a FREE wish. One day, while Kamilah Traveller was searching for the lost Kamilah Pyramid, he stumbled accross a shiny golden lamp. He was thousands of miles from civilisation and had run out of supplies. He was so thirsty he shook the lamp up and down hoping for some water and to his suprise the magical Genie appeared to grant him three wishes. His first wish was for food and water, his second wish was for a restricted Hump pet to help him in his travels and his third wish was to find the Kamilah Pyramid. The Genie granted all 3 wishes and he was so happy that he left Genie's Lamp in the town of the Kamilah Desert for all Maradans to use.

There are now 67 new Jars of Essence - one for each species of pet. If you are extremely lucky you may receive one from the Genie. These will turn your pet into a random colour of the species shown on the bottle. For example, using an Essence of Quell on your Addow pet will change your pet into a random colour of Quell.

21st August 2012
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The Walee pet has been revamped! We have also added the missing, basic colours. We hope you like it!

20th August 2012
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The Willa looks awesome with the fire or cheese costume on!

There is a new Multiple Pet Olympics Giftbox that will allow you to enter all of your pets into the Olympics at once.

NOTE - there was a mistake with the pricing and it has been reduced in price. If you purchased it for the wrong price, please open a support ticket and your credits will be refunded to your account.

The Drake Avatar has been released.

We have listened to your feedback and complaints about the difficulty some of you have with the Referral System. We have made 2 big changes. First, the old, closed Promote Marapets feature has been closed and removed for good now. The prizes will soon be restocking at the Smuggler.

The second change is that you can now receive referrals by bringing back Old Players to Marapets, as well as bringing us new players. You can use the same referral URL and send to anyone you know that used to play Marapets and haven't logged in for more than a month. They will need to login and show some kind of activity. We cannot reveal too much information about what counts as a new or old player referred but staff manually process referrals and use all information we have avaliable. It can take upto 14 days for a referral to be processed and you will not know if it has been rejected.

REMINDER - you are only allowed ONE account. Players caught using more than one account will have ALL of their accounts frozen.

20th August 2012
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The Oglue can now wear the brown and digital costumes. We have also updated 9 of its previous costumes to the new and improved version.

19th August 2012
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The Grint pet has been improved. We hope you like the changes!

19th August 2012
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The limited edition Oglue pet has been revamped! We hope you like the new and improved Oglue.

19th August 2012
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There are 9 new Tasi pets avaliable. They can now wear the Angel, Brown, Burnt, Devil, Radioactive, Rainbow, Shaved, Snow and Starry Costumes.

19th August 2012
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The Lottery has been drawn for this week. drasoke is the winner of the 104,200MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 12, 10, 2, 5, 14 and 20! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. Icecold26 is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 6421! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!

The Game of the Week has now changed to Ushunda Invaders.

This week's Olympic Event is Weight Lifting.

18th August 2012
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To carry on with our 8th Birthday celebrations, these new one off Character Costumes are now on sale at the Account Upgrades page. These will never be on sale again and will retire with the other London 2012 items on August 27th.

18th August 2012
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A new Editorial has just been released.

We have just released 98 new Photos. We shouldn't have any missing now. If you find any that are unreleased, please let us know.

The News now has a like and dislike option.

17th August 2012
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Back in May 2011, we decided to revamp the limited edition Rofling pet. We were never 100% happy with it, so we never updated its costumed versions. We have now decided to bring back the old, original style of Rofling. They have been redrawn and cleaned up, but here they are!

16th August 2012
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We have just started our 8th Birthday Party celebrations event. Its FREE for anyone to take part and win some free MP and prizes! Your job is to invite as many players currently online to our party. We won't be going to the party, but our characters will be!

Visit a user's profile and hit the 'Happy Birthday' button and they will be invited to the party. Each player is different - some won't party, some will and others will have the best time ever! The respone of the character will depend on what prize you receive. You can only invite a player who is currently online and each character can only party once every 2 minutes.

Your goal is to get as many players to the party as possible before the event ends on 26th August. If you invite a player and they have a great time, they will also receive 1,000MP. At the end of the event, the top 200 players who can get the most players to go to the party will also receive a Party Costume and 1,000,000MP!

15th August 2012
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Marapets first opened 8 Years ago today! We would like to thank you all for playing, especially those who have stuck with us from the the early years! A MASSIVE thank you for the staff of Marapets, past and present, for all the hard work and support too - without them we would have no Marapets! To celebrate, a week long BIRTHDAY EVENT will start tomorrow! It will be FREE to enter and anyone can take part.

These new Photos are now avaliable.

14th August 2012
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We have updated the site layout again to complete the side bar and add the new logo. We decided to imitate the first ever Marapets Logo from 8 years ago when we opened, but with the new Murfin. We hope you like it!

The Frontpage of the site has been updated for all players when they are logged in. It is a lot neater now and also shows your progress of the various missions, temples, pyramids and goals.

There are 4 new pets wearing the Starry Costume - Chibs, Willa, Justin and Vixen.

13th August 2012
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We have just updated the Marapets Site Layout. It isn't finished yet, there will be many more changes over the next couple of days but we hope you like the changes so far! We still need to update our logo, the bottom of the site pages, the feeds, alerts and mail icons and finish the roll over effect of the links. The Log Out link has been removed and is now only on the Home Page. When we are completely satisfied with it, the Night Time version of the layout will also be completed.

MaraSites are now back! We're sorry for the downtime but they are now back and working better than ever!

12th August 2012
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The Lottery has been drawn for this week. nnnnlll is the winner of the 72,800MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 2, 12, 15, 10, 20 and 21! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. elenosiukas is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 4552! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!

The Game of the Week has now changed to Protect the Egg.

This week's Olympic Event is Running.

11th August 2012
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These new Snookle Plushies have been added to the Plushie Machine.

We have added 3 new Missing Item Lists. You can now view a list of the Trading Cards missing from your Battle Deck, Glowing Eggs from your Nest and Stamps from your Stamp Album. These lists are FREE and do not requre a Giftbox.

Can you find these new Hidden Avatars?

10th August 2012
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A new Editorial has just been released.

The Cooking Ingredients Shop is now restocking these 12 new Gourmet Food items.

The Maradan Pound has now reopened. You can adopt and disown pets again. We have also increased the amount of MP you receive when you create a pet to 1,000MP.

9th August 2012
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Many of you already know that Marapets was created in and run out of London, England. London is currently hosting the 2012 Olympics and to celebrate we have released these limited edition items. You can find these for FREE randomly while you play Marapets. Can you find them?

These new British and London themed character clothes and wigs have been added to the limited edition Account Upgrades page.

These items will all retire August 27th.

8th August 2012
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We have made some changes to the new Justin pet and it is now complete.

The default Justin Avatar has been released.

8th August 2012
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The Desert Spy Shop is now open! The Spy shop restocks at random, unpredictable times. You can purchase the items in the Spy shop with the points the Desert Spy rewards you from completing his quests. You will not be able to purchase anything while you're on one of his quests.

These new Minipet Plates are avaliable for all of the Organic Minipets.

8th August 2012
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These 10 new Candles are restocking in the Candle Shop in Kamilah Desert.

The Ziranek Countdown has been updated.

There are 5 new Pet Colours avaliable - Splatter Pucu, Devil Yuni, Cupid Willa, Sports Quell and Sketch Quell.

These new Zoosh Enchanted Plushies have been added to the prize lists for when you complete the Circus mission.

This new Trading Card has been added to the Rainbow Fairy prize list.

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