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23rd February 2020
50 likes 10 dislikes
18 hrs & 54 mins ago
King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee was a huge success, with over 25,000 of his citizens taking part in the celebrations so far. Some of the more vocal residents of Marada have ignored his warnings, starting a petition they plan to bring to him tomorrow. They will ask His Majesty to acknowledge the devastation Storm Maranormous has caused in Vortex Park and to do something about it. Several pets who have signed the petition have had very unfortunate accidents today...

22nd February 2020
146 likes 10 dislikes
1 day, 17 hrs & 11 mins ago
February 22nd, 2020 is officially King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee, an occasion to celebrate the life and 75 year reign of our monarch. He has created a huge royal spectacle, hiring Slater Park as the venue for his ceremony and bringing the circus to town. His Majesty is a perfectionist and to ensure his celebration shows exactly how rich, powerful and amazing he is, he has hired the Trickster to run the show. It's so important to the King that every citizen is having fun, he's willing to do whatever is necessary to make this happen!

Under so much pressure, the clowns hired by the King are nervous and they keep losing their balloons. As you browse the site, you may randomly see one of these balloons appear. Click it to bring it back to the Trickster, where you can hold up to 25 balloons. Every time you match 3, 4 or 5 balloons in a horizontal row, you will win a prize. Popping any other balloons will win either MP or a balloon item. His carnival will leave town March 9th.

Whenever you Match 5 of the same Balloon in a horizontal row you will win a Palladium Jubilee Carnival Ticket. With each ticket, the King will close Slater Park for you to look for the treasure he has hidden - with prizes like MP2,500,000MP, random items, Dukka Coins, pet stats and Account Upgrade Credit to be won. The King has hidden a unique prize in each part of Slater Park and only one spot has the 2,500,000MP. Whenever this is won, the carnival will reset and new prizes will be hidden.

For those finding it hard to show the King how happy they are, you can win a random Mask for your Wardrobe every time you Match 4 of the same balloon in a horizontal row.

Whenever you Match 3 of the same balloon in a horizontal row, you will win one of these random Gumballs.

Whenever you pop a balloon that isn't a match, you will win either an MP prize or a random new Balloon prize.

21st February 2020
104 likes 20 dislikes
2 days, 19 hrs & 41 mins ago
With just one more day until his Palladium Jubilee, King Baspinar has taken to drastic measures to make sure that all of his citizens celebrate his reign EXACTLY how he wants them to! All of his citizens will must have fun, be happy and smile - by law. He's hired more clowns to make this happen...

By Order Of The King

Off with their heads! is the King's response to any mention of Vortex Park.

20th February 2020
105 likes 10 dislikes
3 days, 2 hrs & 21 mins ago
With only two more days until King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee and his hired clowns all over Marada, the citizens of Marada are curious about his plans. So far all that he has revealed is that it will be like nothing Marada has ever seen before! He has been heard calling it a circus, a carnival, a celebration of how rich, powerful and amazing he is and that all of his citizens WILL be happy and WILL have fun - OR ELSE!
A new Circus Treasure Chest is on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop. It will automatically retire April 6th. You can open this item to receive 8 different, random new items, including new clothes, wigs, footwear, minipet, gourmet food and accessories. You will not receive duplicate items inside a single treasure chest.

A new Circus experience has been released.
Can you find these new Hidden Avatars?

19th February 2020
46 likes 4 dislikes
4 days, 7 hrs & 43 mins ago
Storm Maranormous has finally passed and Marada is back to normal... except for Vortex Park which has been left in total destruction. Travis Truck is still struggling to feed his family and is still rewarding Plushies or Photos of his kids. With the Penitentiary back open, some of the Quack Mafia have been caught and locked up, but there are still a few out there still on the run!

The polluted, dangerous Vortex Park Reservoir has re-opened for those with access and crazy enough to take a dip! The thoughts on everyone's mind today are 'What will happen to Vortex Park?' and 'What happened to Shusan?' Everyone that is but King Baspinar, who is busy planning his Palladium Jubilee. He's even hired more Clowns...

18th February 2020
71 likes 6 dislikes
5 days, 2 hrs & 58 mins ago
King Baspinar has paid for the Penitentiary in Vortex Park to be rebuilt so that the Quack Mafia can be caught and imprisoned before his Palladium Jubilee. The Penitentiary has new Enchanted Arinya Plushies and Potions added to its prize list.

17th February 2020
67 likes 7 dislikes
6 days, 5 hrs & 37 mins ago
A new Pet Stats Giftbox is now on sale at the Giftbox Shop. Use this item and you be able to select which of your pets you would like to receive stats around the site! This will work for any feature that currently picks one of your pets at random to receive stats. You can change your Default Pets at the Pets section. As this is a new and we have a LOT of places that give stats, there is a chance we may have missed somewhere. If you use the Giftbox and there is any place it doesn't work as intended, please let us know at the Help Forums so that we can add any we may have missed.

With only five more days until King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee, even more Clowns have been spotted around Marada.

Several of the oldest (and worst) Wigs have been updated. You can see the full list of changes at this Topic at the Forums.

The new game rewards for Fairy Flight currently include pet stats for ALL of your pets because this is, at the moment, our one and only HTML5 Arcade Game. In 3 days time (Feb 20th) this will revert to earning a stat for one of your pets - a random pet or a specific pet if you have the new giftbox. When we have more games, the Game of the Day and other new features will be added with different rewards and benefits for playing different games. Pet stats for ALL pets will be one of these rewards.
16th February 2020
86 likes 66 dislikes
7 days, 11 hrs & 57 mins ago
These new clowns have been spotted around Marada, preparing for King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee next weekend.

The Dukka Coins and Fake Dukka Coins have been updated.

15th February 2020
67 likes 6 dislikes
8 days, 4 hrs & 16 mins ago
There are new rewards that you can win from Fairy Flight. Every time you send a score that is high enough, you will win one of these new item prizes or stats for your pets. You will only win one prize from the High Score Rewards each time you send a score high enough. These prizes are additional to any MP, Score Points or Bonus Prizes you may also win.

As the Arcade Fairy was changed to include all games on the site, a new fairy will be released in the future that will reward you for the number of times you play our new HTML5 Games and the counter started when Fairy Flight was released.

The Leido, Troit, Echlin, Yakubi and Zola can now wear the Valentine Costume.

Players who have completed all 30 Stamps for the Candyland page of their album can visit their Stamp Album and receive 10 new item prizes, a medal for their profile and 25,000MP.

The Plushie Machines now have 13 new Enchanted Xoi Plushies and 13 new Xoi Plushies to be won.

14th February 2020
60 likes 7 dislikes
9 days & 3 hrs ago
Happy Valentine's Day
All Valentine, Love, Cupid, Red, Magenta, Maroon, Pink or Coral pets will receive FREE TRAINING at the Gym and Elite Gym until February 28th.

And all Valentine, Love, Cupid, Red, Magenta, Maroon, Pink or Coral pets will receive FREE LESSONS at the School and University until February 28th.

The Candy Tree event has been added to the site's reminders.

Can you find these new Hidden Avatars?

A new Valentine's Day experience has been released. Can you find it?

The Kaala, Grint, Phanty, Gizmo and Equilor can now wear the Valentine Costume. The Oglue has also been updated to match the new design.

13th February 2020
86 likes 3 dislikes
10 days, 6 hrs & 46 mins ago
The Candy Tree is spreading the love again this year for Valentine's Day! He has taken a break from his quests and is rewarding everyone who visits him. All pets can visit him every 30 minutes but any pet wearing a Valentine, Love, Cupid, Valentine, Red, Magenta, Pink or Coral Costume can visit every 15 minutes. All of these prizes will retire when this event ends February 29th.

12th February 2020
96 likes 103 dislikes
11 days, 14 hrs & 2 mins ago
The Valentine Costume was first released in February 2009 in Account Upgrades and the costume has been retired and forgotten about ever since. A new Valentine Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new Valentine themed items, a retired Valentine Costume and either a Valentine Enchanted Plushie or Valentine Potion. This set is on sale until March 14th. You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Valentine Plushie or Potion. There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Snookle instead of Azul, Crindol, Fasoro, Flab, Newth, Speiro, Xoi and Zetlian.

The Valentine Arinya, Crikey, Crindol, Ercuw, Figaro, Flab, Huthiq, Newth, Poera, Quell, Snookle, Speiro and Xoi have been updated to match the new style.

The Feliz and Ushunda can now wear the Valentine Costume.

11th February 2020
75 likes 5 dislikes
12 days, 15 hrs & 42 mins ago
King Baspinar has hired even more Clowns for his Palladium Jubilee.

King Baspinar has personally re-opened the Job Agency to help rebuild Vortex Park.

These Bootleg pets have emerged from the destruction in Vortex Park ...

10th February 2020
71 likes 6 dislikes
13 days, 8 hrs & 12 mins ago
King Baspinar has announced that his Palladium Jubilee, celebrating 75 years on the throne, will go ahead on Saturday 22nd February 2020. He is bringing the circus to town and all of his citizens WILL have fun. With the destruction of Vortex Park, many were unsure if this would go ahead but King Baspinar has already started hiring these Clowns...

The Capsule Machine has been refilled with these new items. The previous items, released in December, have now been retired.

9th February 2020
30 likes 2 dislikes
14 days, 20 hrs & 33 mins ago
It'll take more than a tornado to knock over Sumo Sally. Complete any of her quests during the strong winds from the Tornado and you'll receive DOUBLE BP. The Sumo Sally Pass is also automatically added to the Account Upgrades Shop whenever this weather happens.

Vortex Park might be destroyed but it doesn't take long for the illegal trading to return. The Fake Costumes Shop is back open and is restocking these 10 new items.

The Carpenter will offer all players a fixed MP fee to fix their attic whenever these are broken.
8th February 2020
108 likes 3 dislikes
15 days, 16 hrs & 38 mins ago
It's been four days the Tornado destroyed Vortex Park and thankfully Travis and all 42 of his kids are safe and well. Unfortunately, they are left with very little and are still struggling to feed their family. If you bring him the food he needs to feed his family, he won't be able to reward with you with as much MP as before but he might give you a Photo or Plushie of one of his kids.

7th February 2020
77 likes 1 dislikes
16 days, 16 hrs & 10 mins ago
It's been three days since Storm Maranormous developed into a Tornado and destroyed Vortex Park. The dust has started to settle and two more of it's residents have been found safe. The Fake Dukka Coins and Fake Pirate Ship shops have re-opened.

Life in Marada has continued as normal and residents of Vortex Park were already being forgotten... until Miss Marada was asked to comment! There has been widespread outrage at her silly remarks, lack of compassion and overall lack of knowledge. Not only did she not care about the destruction in Vortex Park, she didn't even know where it was on the world map!

Miss Marada has had her crown taken away from her and doesn't want any pets in Marada to make the same mistakes as her. The higher your pet's Geography stats are, the greater Miss Marada will reward them. You will receive prizes for each of your pet's geography stat levels - the higher you train, the more you are rewarded! There are currently prizes for 140 or more Geography Stats.

The Miss Marada has been added to the Lowlyhood world map and the Rewards page.
6th February 2020
34 likes 2 dislikes
17 days, 16 hrs & 26 mins ago
The Lazy Fairy has woken up from a long nap to total destruction in Vortex Park. Lucky for her, she survived and slept through the worst of the Tornado. The Marapets Team also survived. Their padded cells at the Knutt House protected them.

For a limited time only, the retired Apocalypse Treasure Chest from 2017 is back on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop. It will automatically retire again March 1st.

The Astro, Equilor, Mordo and Poera are the latest pets Injured from the storm.

Can you find this Unbeweavable Hidden Avatar?

5th February 2020
40 likes 4 dislikes
18 days, 17 hrs & 32 mins ago
With the armed and dangerous pearl stealing ducks on the loose, the Pearls shopkeeper has had to tighten up their security. Until the Duck Mafia are back in prison, he's only stocking these 20 new Tiny Pearls. These pearls are so small the ducks choke on them!

Can you find these new Hidden Avatars?

5th February 2020
76 likes 12 dislikes
18 days, 20 hrs & 33 mins ago
When the Tornado destroyed Vortex Park, Marada's most violent criminals managed to escape from the Penitentiary. The Quack Mafia are notorious pearl thieves and they're currently at the top of Marada's Most Wanted list. Be on high alert - these ducks are armed and will attack you!


Sir Quackers


Quack the Ripper



Officer Quack

Quack Sparrow

Cheese N Quackers

The number of pets injured in the Tornado continue to climb. These Doyle, Leido, Reese and Xoi all sustained these unbeweaveable injuries from wigs flying towards them at speeds of over 250 miles per hour.

4th February 2020
68 likes 20 dislikes
19 days, 19 hrs & 39 mins ago
Storm Maranormous developed into a Tornado and has brought with it very high winds and widespread destruction around Marada. Sadly, the worst hit world was Vortex Park which has been left almost totally destroyed. Now that the worst of the Storm has cleared, Marada is starting to return to normal. The Tornado has changed several parts of Marada though...

Vortex Park is no more! What will happen to its residents? Only time will tell. We do have unconfirmed reports that several of its residents survived the storm.

With so many injured pets, the Hospital is currently FREE to visit.

All Stock Market shares in any Vortex Park shop are now bankrupt.

The Time Machine survived the storm but has been damaged. Until it is repaired, it's bringing people back in time twice. It will reward 2 Prizes instead of 1 from its prize list.

Carpenter wants to help with the repairs from the Tornado. Instead of being random, you are guaranteed to receive a FREE toy fix from him after your next 10 Carpenter quests. After you earn a FREE fix of a broken toy (and use it) you will earn another after your next 13 Carpenter quests. This will keep increasing by 3 quests each time.

All Tornado, Thunder, Nimbus and Lightning Pets will receive FREE training at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE lessons at the School and University.

The Health Tonics, Medicine and Tool Shops all have a 2 for 1 special on their items to help Marada to recover.

The high winds and destruction have brought more cases of Random Events like pet's getting sick, items blowing away, attics breaking and random wigs and hats blowing off visitors to Marada.

To help those affected by the Tornado, the Charity Shop is stocking many more items and all stock is currently FREE.

In other news, the City of Marada has honoured their FREE LESSONS at the School for Simerian pets until February 10th.
3rd February 2020
64 likes 4 dislikes
20 days, 14 hrs & 25 mins ago
Mari the digital Assistant in Ziranek is broadcasting an important public service announcement in all languages spoken in Marada - including duck! Storm Maranormous has been upgraded from a category 3 to a category 4 storm overnight and is gaining strength! Mari is warning all Marada residents to prepare for the worst and to help spread the word.

The higher your pet's Language stat is, the greater the Assistant will reward them. You will receive prizes for each of your pet's language stat levels - the higher you train, the more you are rewarded! There are currently prizes for 150 or more Language Stats.

Warning! Attention! Warnung! Avvertimento! Advertencia! TORNADO!

The Assistant has been added to the Ziranek world map and the Rewards page.
2nd February 2020
69 likes 5 dislikes
21 days, 13 hrs & 17 mins ago
There are 30 new Hidden Avatars for you to find. We never normally give any clues to avatars but we'd like to point out that a couple of these avatars are weather based and all future avatars that are released could be too. This means that if you can't find an avatar right now, it may be that the solution requires the weather to change.

Wrap up your pets during this storm by using one of the 77 Mummy Dolls that have been updated.

The Addow, Decadal, Fasoro, Leido, Mordo, Osafo, Rofling and Zoink can now wear the Fade Costume.

There are 32 new Stamps that can be won as bonus prizes whenever you complete a specific Quest or a level of a specific Mission.

There are new DVD items on sale at some of the special shops around Marada.

1st February 2020
43 likes 7 dislikes
22 days, 7 hrs & 44 mins ago
A new Account Upgrades Promotion has started. The Philharmonic Orchestra, Oversized Hoodie and Learn Instruments prizes have been replaced with a Lilith Dress, Alien and Zola Stamp. All players will receive these 3 new items and 30% extra credit for FREE with their next purchase of Account Upgrades Credit.

Storm Maranormous has been upgraded from a category 2 to a category 3 storm. These poor Addow, Ike, Yakubi and Zoink are it's latest victims.

31st January 2020
48 likes 6 dislikes
23 days, 20 hrs & 29 mins ago
Day 4 of the Storm and conditions are getting worse not better! Scientists have increased the storm from a category one to a category two and it's been officially named Storm Maranormous. These Injured Arinya, Bolimo, Ideus and Lati are it's latest victims.

A new 'Raging Storm' experience has been released. Can you find it?

Not all of Marada is scared of the Storm. Brad, the Personal Trainer from Lush Lake will continue to train himself and other pets through any weather! His quests now give much more MP than they used to. If your pet does gain a stat from completing his quest, you will gain DOUBLE STATS until the storm passes.

With the School still closed due to the storm, the City of Marada has announced that the FREE LESSONS for Simerian pets will be rewarded once the storm clears.