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Marapets is mobile friendly
23rd May 2020
9 days, 4 hrs & 17 mins ago
There have been new, very interesting developments on King Baspinar's self imposed lockdown. This story starts before his majesty's Palladium Jubilee celebrations, when oil was seen gushing from the ground just outside of Biala Mountain. This could be seen for many miles and was blocking the beautiful view of Marada from the King's castle. While most of Marada quickly forgot about it, the King could not and he traced it back to the Yeti family, Biala Mountain natives.

Dave the Yeti and his wife Beti were living in Biala long before a town was established. They've watched it grow forever bigger, with each new development taking away more of their natural habitat. When their children, Sweati, Confetti and Macheti were born, they needed a bigger cave. Digging deeper into the Biala Mountain rock they struck oil - which is what we all saw!

Queen Eleka heard of their discovery and has a new evil plan. Instead of pushing forward with her sardine oil assassination plot, she will Mine Marada for all of its oil. She'll use it to rebuild her castle and ultimately, reclaim her power. The King was one of the first to hear of her plans and went into hiding....

With just a straw and his family, Dave can drink all of the oil before Queen Eleka is able to Mine Marada. When the Yetis smell oil under the ground they will stop at it. Tap and hold until their extendable straw is the correct length to reach the oil under foot. If the straw is too short or too long to reach any oil the game will end.

Earn 25MP per point. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play. You may also win a random bonus item prize whenever you send your score. Mine Marada can be played up to 3 times per day.

Can you find the 'Mine Marada' Hidden Avatar?