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Baspinar's Castle
The Troll has lived quietly under the bridge in to Baspinar's Castle for centuries. He usually doesn't like to be disturbed, but recently pets that have learnt to play Musical Instruments have played music to him and he has really enjoyed it. Since then, he has given each visitor the chance to complete his missions and play music for him. The Troll has 30 different missions for you to complete. He will select one of the many musical instruments in Marada and you will need to return to him with the pet that can play it. If you do, you will move on to the next level. If not, you will fail and will have to start again. Each time you have completed the missions, the level you need to be at playing the instrument will increase, until you have completed it 10 times. So if you have completed the missions for the third time, the next time you start you will need to be level 4 at the instrument he is asking for.
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