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Welcome to the National Maradan BP Bank. King Baspinar makes sure that the BP bank remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use the BP Bank to safely deposit your BP into a savings account and earn daily interest.
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BP Bank

Interest can be collected every 24 hours. Everytime you deposit BP to your bank savings account the 24 hours is restarted. This is a safety feature installed here at the bank, to make sure interest is only given to those who use their bank to save money and not to store. You earn 0BP interest a week.

You have 0BP with you and 0BP in your bank account. You can withdraw and deposit BP with the form below, free of charge.4

Bank Account BP to Upgrade Interest (per week)
Newbie Account 0BP 0.5%
Maradan Saver 10,000BP 0.45%
Bronze Account 50,000BP 0.4%
Silver Account 100,000BP 0.35%
Gold Account 250,000BP 0.3%
Platinum Account 500,000BP 0.25%
Emerald Account 1,000,000BP 0.2%
Ruby Account 2,500,000BP 0.15%
Sapphire Account 5,000,000BP 0.1%
Multi-Millionaires Account 10,000,000BP 0.05%

Your Account Newbie Account

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in 11 minutes
3,350,225MP Prize

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