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Marapets is mobile friendly
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Marada was accidentally discovered in August 2004 when a British student used a telephone box that was in fact a Time Machine - or H.O.M.E.R (History of Marada Extra-dimensional Replicator). Since then, over 7,742,542 people have visited at different times and have missed out on many items from the past. Every Saturday, 30 items are randomly selected from the Time Machine List.

You can use the Time Machine once every 48 hours with a Time Machine Token. Each ride will take you back in time and you'll carry back 4 items. You'll receive a random retired item from the current Prize List plus a time-based Booster, Wand and Mystery Bag.

MaraPets Birthday Special Promotion

From now until August 18th, 2020 you can choose between the current prize list or a special Birthday Prize List whenever you use the Time Machine. This feature works the same as usual but you can select to win a random, retired prize from the birthday themed Prize List instead of the normal prize list below. Promotion ends in 7 days, 9 hours and 51 minutes

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