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Marapets is mobile friendly
*staff due to my computer I may switch browsers, Firefox and Chrome. I am the only play in my home but I do switch computers alot also due to work*
Feel free to send friend request for no reason. XD Will vote for others just let me know. Not looking to join a club.No pets are for trade unless you give me a really really good offer. I do lend my pets ask for fees beware they do cost a lot.. (my mission pet is in temple) If you have any questions just maratalk me for any help. See info for more goodies. :)
No pets are for trade unless you give me a really really good offer. Hello there and welcome to my profile. I like to go by Jackie, Kurama, or Ryuu. Or you can call my any nickname you seen my usernames are. Been into Marapets since 2,009 so I may look new but far for it. Not really into Limited Pets but I have worked and been helped by many to get my pets to where they are. None of them are ever for trade. Most are Japanese based terms, and if you have not notice my favorite manga artist is "pokes pets/two of my usernames." I am a huge Togashi fan, but loved all forms of Anime. Been watching since 1998. I lost count of how many I have seen over the years. Also been playing Pokemon since 1999. Still going strong today. Not much of a battler but if you ever need to fill you pokedex let me know, I got all of the sixth gen Pokemon and working on Moon/Sun at the moment. On the switch now too, I both games and have still have every pokemon. Offer still stands XD. Also a part time craft artist and huge origami fan. Always open to talk to anyone so feel free to maratalk me if you ever want to. I am not going any club but will vote for you if you ask me too. Or for any other questions just message me.
Player for 11 years, 8 months & 8 daysJoined 20th Feb 2009 22:30
Online and Ban is not available to be borrow. Her fees have gotten to high. She is around now 7 mill to borrow. She is also in the temple for a new cd/ dvd she needs.
Player for 11 years, 8 months & 8 days Joined 20th Feb 2009 22:30
~also Jacqueline, Origami, Ryuuhei, Senritsu, Togashi

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