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If I added you, it was most likely an accident, sorry!

August Update:Semi-Active.
Currently unwell, moving house and dealing with a lot of family health issues so I don't have much time or energy to devote to marapets. I'll always try to respond when I can, but patience and understanding is vital with me right now.
STAFF: My boyfriend has an account under the name Bidja and we share a laptop/IP, but he doesn't play much.

I am 26 and I started back in 2006 and have been on and off since then, I used to be gabby4life4clothes before I was finally able to change to something I didn't absolutely hate.

If you can't guess, my name is Gabrielle but you can call me Gabby or Badger and i'll still respond.

If you're on my profile because I've upset you somehow due to a shop issue.

If I notice you've undercut prices massively, the likelihood is that i'm going to buy you out, because lowering the worth of goods so you can get a faster profit tends to bug me.
I'm not trying to be malicious or to raise the prices super high i'm just putting them back where they were before you dropped them and others with an autopricer ended up following suit.

I'm more than happy to help other players out, but please, no begging!


Badger has 81 Friends