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TetyanaKozachuk My Equilor turned from Maroon to Wizard today.
Gabriel Shocked We're gonna miss the double Navy stats.
TetyanaKozachuk Two more sessions and I am done.

Help & Assistance
by Mr at 18th Aug 2018 02:02
New Players
by NativeNancy at 18th Aug 2018 04:47
Marapets Chat
Looking for a COMMON REAL NAME please.....
by stevie898 at 18th Aug 2018 04:41
General Chat
Queen Bee Prizes Giveaway!
by amomentoflove at 17th Aug 2018 16:49
Random Chat
When did you join?
by Ambush at 18th Aug 2018 03:08
Restricted Chat
by at 30th Jul 2018 04:18
Price Check
24K RP for 210K MP
by t_w3bs at 18th Aug 2018 04:51
Notice Board
Limited Time- The Magic Box is Public!
by inesegu at 16th Aug 2018 12:01
Cruising Away
by Yasmeen at 6th Aug 2018 12:44
Where is everyone from?
by t_w3bs at 18th Aug 2018 04:51
Programming & Graphics
[HICKA] a few signatures???
by koborikun at 17th Aug 2018 22:31
Dress Up
()Rate the Doll Above()
by Drama at 18th Aug 2018 01:52
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Should I have gotten more than 1 toy?
by at 24th Jul 2018 17:54

Recent Editorial

Matthew Would you ever consider increasing the shop price maximum past 500,000MP?

No, I think 500,000MP is more than enough.
27 Apr 01:17

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