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mav8 I'm off on Friday idk what to do
Catherine i rarely use my phone to come on here
mav8 I'm on my phone so used the emoji on my phone no copy past

Help & Assistance
Backgrounds? Items to hold or have next to avie?
by VelvetStar at 25th Apr 2018 13:33
New Players
How do i get haircut coupons?
by NativeNancy at 25th Apr 2018 12:54
Marapets Chat
Need to borrow 2 pets for goals
by AngelicGal at 25th Apr 2018 14:45
General Chat
Bugslife the Bug Jessup
by MissLadyKay at 25th Apr 2018 09:34
Random Chat
Movie recommendations?
by Drama at 25th Apr 2018 14:48
Restricted Chat
i bought some singles records
by HotDogDog at 25th Apr 2018 14:29
Price Check
B: Snowy Skirt for 10 mill or negotiate
by Birdy at 25th Apr 2018 14:47
Notice Board
by Matthew at 25th Apr 2018 14:31
Is anyone like REALLY good at story telling??
by XxAshley1015xX at 25th Apr 2018 12:48
Game you are in the middle of and just beat
by friedbananas at 25th Apr 2018 14:49
Programming & Graphics
I drew my pets!
by ColdLegumes at 25th Apr 2018 11:09
Dress Up
🎀 Doll Challenge Game 🎀
by pocahontas944 at 25th Apr 2018 14:44
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

PRIZE // Favourite Memory
by at 25th Oct 2014 09:06

Recent Editorial

Melissa "Runes are the key to understanding one of the many ancient langugages in Simeria" - "langugages" - might wanna fix that Ian! Love all the new features btw, great work. :)

Oops! Fixed it.
23 Apr 17:16

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Free to use graphics
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